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Love the Nook

Since my Nook was delivered on Monday, Feb. 8th, I have truly had a great experience. After reading all the negative comments I was expecting to have some nagging issues.


1. As soon as I plugged Nook in to charge it asked me to register and after doing so immediately downloaded the update OTA. Took less than 5 minutes and left it to charge for a couple of hours. 


3. When I finally got to use it I downloaded three books with no problems. They quickly appeared in my library. I read for a while, switching frequently b/w books and Nook always took me back to where I left off.


4. The touchscreen is responsive and pretty snappy. Swiping to turn the page works 75% of the time. I'm ok with that.


5. Still on the original charge. No freezes.


I guess i'm still in the honeymoon stage but my Nook has performed admirably. I look forward to reading more than ever.



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Re: Love the Nook

Grats! I Love my Nook too and no problems so far! :smileyhappy: