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Musician wanting to use Nook to read music

I am thinking about using the Nook to play jazz gigs. There is a collection of jazz songs, The Real Book, that I generally use. It is available on ipad. I need a whole song to display on one page. It is basically the melody with chords on top so one song fits on a letter sized page most of the time easily.


If the Real Book is not availalble, can a load a pdf into nook so that a letter sized page will display as one screeen on the nook. Maybe I could convert my current sheet music to Nook format.


thanks for any help.



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Re: Musician wanting to use Nook to read music

Yes, at Small font size a PDF will be shrunk to fit the page.


But can you really make out the music on a page that small? It's probably going to be illegible, even in fake-book format. Heck, maybe even in big-note format.


Also, flipping to your next selection is going to be more of a challenge.


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Re: Musician wanting to use Nook to read music

In this case the Kindle DX is definitely the path you'd want to go.


Unless you have bionic vision the nook screen is simply too small for this kind of thing.

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Re: Musician wanting to use Nook to read music

I've done a little experimenting with it. If you can get the music printed sideways in the PDF it's a little easier to read. The nook cannot re-orient the file sideways though so you actually have to make a sideways PDF, then place your nook on its side.


You may find it more useful as a reference than to play from though. If you hold it close, you can put a meaningful amount of music on the screen and read it, but if you have to put it on a stand and play from a normal distance it is unlikely you can read it well, but you might can get a leadsheet's worth of info on there in a legible size.

Again, you can't zoom or adjust the display settings in PDF on nook (yet) so you have to format it to your best advantage before you load it.

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Re: Musician wanting to use Nook to read music

My Kindle DX should be delivered this afternoon.  I own a nook and it is great for reading books.  But for music, it is just too small unfortunately.  Even with the soft-rooted (improved) PDF reader, it is really just too small.  It is a case of the right tool for the job.  The nook is great - for reading text, and that is what I use it for.  I have seen the Kindle DX and it seems to be large enough for music, plus it does landscape and zoom/panning for PDFs.  My intention is to use the Kindle DX for music application just as you describe and the nook for reading books as it was designed for.  If the Kindle DX doesn't cut it for reading my music PDFs, then I will send it back.  However, I read a review from a cello player who says it works great for that application, so I am pretty confident it will be OK.  I really prefer the eInk (non-backlit) screen, so the Kindle DX is probably about the only game in town for something its size with the eInk screen.