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Re: [N1E] Are we still using it?

So here's what happened...


I purchased my N1E (refurbished) in January 2010. I never had any problems with it and was very happy with it. In June of this year I played with the NST when I was at the Barnes and Noble store. I thought it was kinda of cool so I started thinking I wanted one. My husband found me a buyer for my 1st edition and I ordered the NST. I told my husband at the time I wondered if I should hold on to my N1E until I had used the NST for a while just in case I didn't like it. He talked me into going ahead and selling it.


Got my NST in early July. It is a fantastic ereader. The battery life is amazing! However, the shelving system sux and sometimes the touch screen is almost *too* responsive as I end up turning several pages instead of just one. Both of these are somewhat minor issues and if it was my first ereader and I had never used the N1E then these things would certainly not bother me at all. However, by the end of July I was really missing my N1E. 


So, I decided to go back to it. I purchased a used N1E off of ebay this week. It arrived yesterday and it is in excellent condition. I am very happy to have it! Should it ever die and I end up unable to replace it, I will use a NST and it will be fine but I hope this N1E lasts a long, long time! My daugters are using the NST and everyone is happy.

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Re: [N1E] Are we still using it?



I bought the 3G years ago when it was discounted.  I usually change the cover each season (hate using my pink one in the dead of winter!) and I am always hunting for a new cover on Ebay.  I borrow loads of books from the library and I anticipate owning my N1E for a very long time.

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Re: [N1E] Are we still using it?

I had to do it.  I donated my N1E to my parish so they could raffle it to raise funds.  I am happy with my NSTG and my NT, however, I missed my N1E so badly that I purchased an unused N1E on ebay recently. I have not received it yet, so as soon as I get, I will start reading from like I was in 2010.



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Re: [N1E] Are we still using it?

never used the nook 1 edition. but I think since nook can do a good job in the electronic industry for years then it must own something glorying.

so maybe the 1 edition is a good one in that period of time.

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Re: [N1E] Are we still using it?

I was using it and would still be using it if I hadn't lost it someplace.  :smileysad:

In the interim, I'm using the Nook software on my Android phone until I see somthing that makes me really want to get a new eReader. With the lowering of all of the prices for the various Nooks, maybe this Christmas season? 


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Re: [N1E] Are we still using it?

I am definitely still using my N1E! I did upgrade last month to the NSTG, but the N1E goes with me to the beach, pool, etc. It is nice to have a back up, though I do use my NSTG alot more bc of the reading in the dark! :smileyvery-happy: