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NOOKcolor and 3G

Is the NOOKcolor available in 3G?

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Re: NOOKcolor and 3G

belle4269 wrote:

Is the NOOKcolor available in 3G?


Sadly, no.

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Re: NOOKcolor and 3G

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Re: NOOKcolor and 3G

If you are interested in a 3G version, think about whether you would be willing to pay for it.  You would either have to pay more for the NOOKcolor initially (doubtful as a way to charge for it) or pay a monthly dataplan fee or perhaps both.  Consider that adding on 3G usage might add additional fees to it initially for filings with the FCC and such and on top of that you might have to pay a monthly fee. 


For the original nook it can be assumed some sort of arrangement was made between AT&T and BN.  But the 3G is only used for shopping for and downloading stuff purchased from BN.  The NOOKcolor will have downloadable content that due to the color and future video additions will make file sizes larger.  There have already been books that I've bought that are only available for download via wifi because of their size. 


Since the NOOKcolor will allow you to use more online things, it is very likely that any 3G use would require the purchase of a monthly data plan such as the iPad or the Samsung Galaxy has.  There is no way AT&T or BN would subsidize this use because bandwidth is a commodity just like anything else.  And you just have to take a look at the problems AT&T experienced with all the iPhones on their network to see why they want to charge for it. 

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Re: NOOKcolor and 3G

No 3G option. I'm indeed glad that there is no 3G so that I can safely give it to my boy as a present, knowing that there would be no surprise monthly data bill for me.:smileyhappy:

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Re: NOOKcolor and 3G

Why do you need 3g?  Buy an app for you phone and use your phone as a 3g router I use Walking Hot Spot on my windows phone to connect my laptop (wireless). (Apple and Droid have this app as well)  Saves big time on hotel internet charges.