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Nook Hotmail Sign in...Object moved here

If any one has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.....I was able to sign into hotmail using; however, when I recently did this the screen for sign in and password came up yet when I hit submit the message 'Object moved here 'came on the screen when I hit here nothing came I am unable to access my hotmail account via my nook......any ideas???

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Re: Nook Hotmail Sign in...Object moved here

Hello there!

If you are just trying to check your e-mail you could always try myemail ( and set it up to check your hotmail account.  I myself have not checked it out yet (doing so now) but I have heard that it works on the nook (its shown in one of the pictures on the nook color page).  You simply set up a free account with them and then configure it to check your hotmail account for you.


Hope that helps. 

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