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Nook Lights

Hi everyone,

I have been looking at lights for the nook, and any light that can work with e-readers and I was wondering what lights people are liking and what ones people are hating. 


I've seen the lights that clip onto a cover but then I have to buy a cover also. But, if those are the best lights... then, a girl has to do what a girl has to do! 



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Re: Nook Lights



I bought an M-edge cover from Best Buy when I bought my nook.  M-edge also has a light for about $25 that slides into a pocket behind the nook in the cover, and lays in the crease when the cover is shut.  When you need the light, it pivots up with a flexible shaft and has a hi and low level light.  Uses an AAA battery.  I like it because everythingis in one place.  Nothing to keep track of or to lose.

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Re: Nook Lights

I bought a "Kandle" from Amazon when they were on sale for $5.00.  Unfortunately the price has gone up considerably since.  Target also sells a book light that is very similar to the Kandle for a little bit cheaper price.  Both lights I find to be excellent.


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Re: Nook Lights

I use an M-Edge cover and light also. My cover zips all the way around and the light fits in a slot on the back.

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Re: Nook Lights

I actually use the Lyra light that I got from the Nook display area at BN for $14.  I clip it directly on to the top of my Nook, not the case.  I find that pulling it down to the side, so it shines from the side and not the top works best for me with no glare.


Lyra Light 



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Re: Nook Lights

I have the Lyre Light Front Cover on my NookClassic. My sister bought it for my birthday just after I got my Nook. At first I thought it was very strange but now I think it is great.


The light is very adjustable. It is beautifully integrated into the cover and turns off when you fold the wand down into the cover.


Even though it is just a front cover it attaches seamlessly and the part that does cover a part of the back make s a great handhold. Reading with the cover folded back is easy.

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Re: Nook Lights

I have this one also.  It works great!

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Re: Nook Lights

 I have the Lyre Light clip on. Just do not clip directly over the power switch, I did and after awhile it powered down my nook. Works well but you have to point it away from the nook or it makes quite a glare spot.
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Re: Nook Lights

I have a GE booklight I got at Walmart for about $4.  It works great.