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Re: Nook vs. Kindle


Here is an eBook request thread that is actively monitored:


A NOOK software update with enhanced features will be launched in the coming months.  We are committed to offering an easy-to-use, comfortable, and fun NOOK eReading experience across multiple platforms


With regards to PDF's I can relay information regarding Font sizing if that is an issue you are referring depends how the file and the text is configured in the file, whether the text is rendered as text or as a graphic image. If it is a graphic image in PDF, then the text size CANNOT be changed. The text size change also depends on other formatting, security and parameter settings that are set in the original PDF source file, which may limit whether the font size can or cannot be changed and how the text appears if the font size is changed. 


Bottom line, is that yes, the font size should be able to be changed in PDF documents but it depends on each specific file.