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My family bought my nook (wifi,G3) 5 months ago and at the time they just like me thought we were getting the greatest in the market when comparing it to other eBooks. Yesterday I get an email introducing the new NOOKcolor. Obviously, has better features than the one my family got me. Im just wondering did anyone out there know that there was a new nook coming out this yr. I definitely would had waited. The new NOOKcolor meets my needs. I travel a lot, read magazines, newspapers, 3 or 4 books at a time. Im always bragging to everyone how great this eBook is. Im just a little disappointed that I didnt know that a new and better nook would be out this yr. Im just saying. 

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Re: Nookcolor

There were rumors going around (but I don't think I even heard the rumors until the last few weeks), but five months is a long time to wait. Besides, as it has been mentioned on here many times, this is not a "new Nook" as you describe but a separate device that meets another market niche. I think it would be great for magazine reading, but this doesn't have 3G so it's not good for traveling (unless you hit wifi locations). If you read a lot, than stay with the e-ink Nook (the one you bought). Your eyes will thank you.

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