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Notes don't appear as notes even though they exist in the device

This is kind of hard to describe clearly so bear with me.  Basically:  Notes made on a PC are in the Nook, but they don't appear as notes.


I was travelling and lost a printed book along the way, and facing a long flight home, decided to buy the EPub version even though my Nook was at home.  I downloaded/installed Nook for PC so I could read on the way home.  While reading I like to highlight and take notes, which I did.


When I get home, I switch on the Nook HD+ and allow it to sync.  I can access the book and all the HIGHLIGHTS are there, but there are no "note" icons.  I can tap on the highlight, and there is no indication that there is a note (and no way from the page to see the comment I made).


However, There is an option for "Highlights and Notes" which lists all the notes that I made on the PC are there!  A can scrol through that list and see the comments.  They just don't appear on the page as a note.


To see if I am doing this correctly, I go and create a new note on the Nook HD+.  This note is accepted and little page icon appears on the right edge.  But none of the notes that I created on the PC have this icon and I can not figure out any way to access them from the page.


The statistics for the book says that there are 57 highlights and 1 note.  Yet the comments that I typed in as NOTES on the PC are in the "highlights", they just don't appear in the nook as a note.  It seems that all the notes I made on the PC are not considered notes on the Nook, but the text I wrote is actually there!  Is there any way to *convert* to a note?


Can someone tell me what is going on?  And how to make my notes appear as notes?

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Re: Notes don't appear as notes even though they exist in the device

You'll need to ask this in the HD section.  You're in the first editon (original nook) section.