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Pandigital Novel vs Nook

Looking to purchase an ereader.

Any input on the new panadigital novel vs nook, like nook for eink but love the color of the

panadigital novel... any input?

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Re: Pandigital Novel vs Nook



The Novel will have the same issue as any other LCD display -- you're staring into a light source.  Not so bad for working on your computer, where you're looking away frequently -- although I for one still end the day with a lot of eye fatigue -- but most people will find it much more tiring for reading a book than an e-ink display is.


It DOES look neat, though.

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Re: Pandigital Novel vs Nook

Aside from the LCD display, the big issue with the Novel is that they don't claim Adobe EPUB compatibility. At this point, it's not known if it works with Adobe EPUB or not. If it doesn't, for DRMed e-books you would have to buy from Barnes & Noble, and you wouldn't be able to check e-books out from the library.


One retailer (Kohl's) has claimed the ability to read library e-books, but nobody else is claiming Adobe EPUB capability for the Novel. FrogAlum sent an email to Pandigital asking if the Novel supported Adobe EPUB, and their reply was basically, "What's that?"


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Re: Pandigital Novel vs Nook

bambi10 wrote:

Looking to purchase an ereader.

Any input on the new panadigital novel vs nook, like nook for eink but love the color of the

panadigital novel... any input?

Battery Life, Battery Life, Battery Life.


Try reading the PanDigital in direct sunlight vs. reading the nook.


I used to read eBooks on a PocketPC and thought it was great.   I liked the backlight and color screen, especially at night.   BUT, I'd get about 4 hours of reading per charge and it was next to impossible to read in direct sunlight.


The nook, while 'black and white' is far easier to read, it gets better in direct sunlight and it's battery life of about 10 or more hours is vastly superior.


I'm so happy with it...that I'm selling off my PocketPC as that was the only app I used regularly.


If you read a lot, the longer battery life will be a major consideration.   If you want to read outdoors or anyplace that's brightly lit, the eInk vs LCD screen is another huge plus.


Color is nice, but unless you're reading technical books with lots of charts and illustrations, or trying to look at an atlas or collection of is of little value in book reading.   And to be honest, for a technical reference manual or the like...I'd prefer the hard copy to an eReader.


Just my opinion, your mileage may vary. 

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Re: Pandigital Novel vs Nook

Here is a CNet introduction to the Pandigital Novel -


Some of the things mentioned.....


1) No 3G connection, but it does connect via wifi.


2) No e-ink page, so you have to deal with glare, if you plan on reading outside or near light sources. However, it does have the night reading feature that reverses page/text color.


3) In this review - - the reviewer mentions that Pandigital is supposed to come out with an update in a few months that will allow for loading whatever android apps you want on the device.


I am hoping that the next nook upgrade allows for #3 as well. It would be nice to do without softrooting. :smileyvery-happy:

Tim Dugger