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Re: What made you buy the Nook?

lazulisong wrote:

I spent a year or so Thinking About It, but when Kobo and Nook both came out with touchscreens and the lower price I decided to finally get one.


I ended up getting the Nook specifically because it was available sooner and reads epubs.


Then I walked into a store like CAN I GIVE YOU MONEY?? and the poor Nook guy was like NO WE DON'T HAVE STOCK. He did offer to call me when he got more stock in, but I ended up ordering online. When the wait at the store is over the week and the website has free shipping, I mean.


... THEN I found out about Adobe Digital Editions' lousy *nix support. *claws face* I think there's dualbooting in my future, curse it! But I want library books and GoogleBooks, so I'm kind of up Sugar Creek. (You can run ADE via WINE in Ubuntu, but WINE just stares suspiciously at USB media, so you can't just pull it over to the Nook like you do on a PC. I think you could get around it if Nook for PC -- which also can be run through WINE -- would just flipping sync with the N2E!)

Ummm, what's your point?

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Re: What made you buy the Nook?

I bought one because it looked cool. I read alot of books and never read any twice so it has been good.

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Re: What made you buy the Nook?

Reasons why I went Nook.  I own N1E 3G and NC


Main reason is around here I can't find Amazon giftcards.  Why is that the main reason?  Because I buy everything with giftcard so Nook made more sense since I could get giftcards at the store.


Second reason, I played with the display and, I liked the Nook 1E last year.  So I got it for my x-mas gift last year.


Third reason, and it was a big part too.  I live in small apartment and I had no more space for book cases so buying more paper books was not an option for me.  


Those are the three reasons I choose Nook over other e-readers

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Re: What made you buy the Nook?

Two main reasons I bought mine:


1. When the N1E wifi only came out, it came down into my price range.


2. It read (most of) my library from Fictionwise and (I have a few DRM'd Mobipocket books that didn't carry over, but I can still access them on my smartphone.) This library has 400+ books in it, and I'm not going to purchase them again if I can help it.

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Re: What made you buy the Nook?

I've had a Kindle 3 since they came out. Absolutely love it. But I wanted to be able to read ePub easier without having to use Calibre to convert to mobi. Bought a reconditioned Nook 1. The day it came (yes, my timing tends to go like that) B&N announced the Simple Touch. One look (not in person of course, just online) and I fell in love. Terrible case of new toy lust. I waited one day before I pressed the preorder button. It arrived ahead of schedule on June 4 and I've been reading nonstop. I love, love, love this little Nook Touch! I have decided to keep the "big nook" as I call it too because of the 3G and web features, but I am not sorry one bit my new toy lust took over and made me order the new Nook. The size, the shape, the clear crisp lettering...perfect little reader!
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