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Re: Really irate!

Byteguy wrote:

Have any of these people actually HEARD a computer read a book?  Sure, it's ok for a minute or two... but UGH.  Think of how your GPS gets on your nerves.  Now, think of it reading "The Lost Symbol" to you.


If you want audio, get an ipod and buy audiobooks.  A human knows the difference between "let's EAT, grandma" and "let's eat GRANDMA"

That's funny.  I remember my GPS interpreting the abbreviation Dr. as doctor, not drive, so the whole trip it was telling to turn on Main Doctor instead of Main Drive.  It was funny, but certainly wouldn't be in hearing a book read.

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Re: Really irate!

Totally OT...


My personal favorite poor punctuation in print:


"Rachel Ray finds inspiration in cooking her family and her dog"

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Re: Really irate!

I thoroughly check the specs and features for any device I intend to spend my money on.   If the device does not have what I need, I don't buy it.   It's the responsibility of the buyer to decide whether or not the device will serve their needs.


Return the device and purchase a Kindle, and you'll be much happier. 

CALK wrote:

I want my nook that I bought last year to have the  text to talk feature and the book feature for kids.   Totally unfair!!!!   Also the new color nook doesn't have 3G which limits it's usage to get books anywhere and you still don't have any decent  games.  Hello not everyone plays chess or does word puzzles!