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Re: Reviews and e-book pricing

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Well, I will continue to leave one star reviews on outrageously priced ebooks regardless. I guess B&N could restrict their reviews by allowing only people who have purchased the book online from B&N to review the books.. but short of doing that.. and thus restricting anybody who purchases the book from the store from leaving a review.. I don't see how people who feel like me can be stopped.  Which is a good thing.  I don't even mind anymore that B&N may remove my written explanation for the poor review... just leave those people wondering why the reviews are so bad on that book..


I do also leave a review on EVERY book I purchase and read.  I usually won't purchase a book that has several poor I do think reviews are important.

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Re: Reviews and e-book pricing


 I agree totally! Any time you see a 2 star rating with 495 ratings but only 177 (as it is right now on Fall Of Giants) are allowed to be viewed that should be a clue that there are a lot of unhappy customers with the price of this ebook.  :smileysurprised:

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Re: Reviews and e-book pricing

Funny that so many of you are worried about the "reader" when it comes to the content of the book.  What about the reader getting fleeced by the price of the book.  There aren't very many outlets for customers of B&N to say their piece and be heard.  Book reviews, unfortunately for the the authors are the easiest place for customers to feel as though they at least have a voice regarding B&N's business model.  Many people purchased the Nook not only for the fact that it is a convenient reading tool, but also for the fact that eBook pricing (last year) would save them money over the long run and would enable them to enjoy more books, more often. B&N is already having problems with money and is looking at the fact that they will have to close some of their Brick and Mortar stores to keep the company going.  Now with the fact that they have a proprietary piece of equipment that allows people to purchase books only from their store and their pricing is getting worse and worse when compared to their largest competitor, they are alienating loyal customers and are loosing money for the fact that people will not purchase as many books.  It's even gotten to the point where they are pricing eBooks HIGHER than actual physical print versions.  That is just atrocious.  I am now recommending anyone that expresses interest in an ereader, to go the Kindle route.  Being that I am a business owner, and a gadget junkie, my customers usually go with my recommendations.  I know more about the Nook, Kindle, and Sony e-readers than any other their salesmen in the stores. Within the last week, I have already sold more that 15 people on the new kindle for Christmas. Until B&N changes their business model, they are promoting piracy and losing customer loyalty on a daily basis.  Thanks for letting us down B&N.

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Re: Reviews and e-book pricing

DiamondCutter: you're aware that for most of those e-books, the price is set by the publisher and not by B&N or Amazon? Check the prices at Amazon.


I'm amused that you complain about B&N's "proprietary piece of equipment that allows people to purchase books only from their store" which actually allows you to purchase e-books from Borders, Kobo, Sony, Books-A-Million, and almost any other e-book store except Amazon and Apple, and which allows you to read e-books checked out from the public library, whereas Kindle truly is a "proprietary piece of equipment that allows people to purchase books only from their store" and doesn't read library e-books.


As for B&N's "problems with money", that's just misinformation.


And there is indeed a forum for protesting high prices. It's called the marketplace. If you don't like the price, don't buy. Unfortunately for you, it seems that most e-book buyers aren't being bothered by the prices, and e-books are selling quite well at the higher prices.


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Re: Reviews and e-book pricing

lolz at dougs response.


So true.



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Re: Reviews and e-book pricing


_deb_ wrote:

When I research and read reviews for items  . . .  I expect to see the reasons detailed.  Frequent repairs needed, poor performance, . . . I think it perhaps more appropriate to rate the actual book and then if needed, voice your opinion on the most economical format in which to purchase it be it paperback, ebook, etc.


I agree wholeheartedly.  In a review, I am looking for insight about whether or not the book--the work, the artistic craftsmanship--is worth reading.  After a reviewer gives me an opinion about the work, itself, I will make my own decision--and a more educated decision if the review is of the work--about what price I am willing to pay. 


Understanding, also, however, frustrations over the price of eBooks, I would welcome a closing statement about the pricing. In my local newspaper, reviews of arts events end with a small "If you go . . ." box which gives times and ticket prices.  Perhaps an "If you are thinking of purchasing . . .," statement something like deb suggests, would work for a book review.



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Re: Reviews and e-book pricing


That is exactly the problem I found when looking at reviews for Fall of Giants.  People were writing things saying that BN should be ashamed for the price of the ebook and so on and on.  I will point out here that Amazon has a disclaimer that reads that the pricing is set by the publisher.  Perhaps BN should do something like that-I think Amazon must be getting complaints as well for the price.


Another alternate thing they might consider is merely having a separate star rating for the price of the book alone.  i don't mean value, but actual price.  This then might be one way people can express this frustration which could be used as a way to see what the price point is that people start complaining about.  They might even use this as a message to publishers.  Or at least it is a way for potential buyers to quickly see why people are unhappy about a book.


I also think that people should attempt to be more constructive regarding this-publishers don't read those reviews, potential buyers do.  And those that don't like the price will look at the price and run away, but it is unfair to someone who doesn't mind paying the price to see poor reviews based solely on that.

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Re: Reviews and e-book pricing

As a potential buyer I am looking for insight into the content and quality of the book.  I can see the price for myself and determine whether I am willing to fork out that much money or not. 

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Re: Reviews and e-book pricing

To complain about the price of a book the review should be for the place of purchase not the book.  There are sites on the Internet to review businesses and their prices.  The book review should be for the content of the book