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Re: Shipping Fees for ebooks

Actually, the .01 hit my AMEX which most assuredly is not a debit card.


Maybe if we all start disputing these charges they will finally do something about this glitch...

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Re: Shipping Fees for eBooks

When I called B&N support the man I spoke with also tried to convince me that the charge would not hit my card and then tried to tell me the problem could be with my bank and to check them :smileysad:


Eventually I got through that, no, it wasn't my bank because when free eBooks work properly the charge is credited back right away and I never see any of the transaction on my statement. He told me I should be credited back the 0.11 from the free eBooks but when I asked him to talk to his supervisors or someone else on the technical side of things about the issue (to possibly resolve it so I don't have to call back again in a month or so) he didn't sound entirely convinced.


It would be nice to see this resolved, or at least to see more people receiving support from customer service. It's not our fault that the system is somehow glitching.

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Re: Shipping Fees for ebooks


very-simple wrote:

Well there's the problem.  You're using a debit card rather than a credit card.  Debit cards behave differently than credit cards in this circumstance (just as they do when you return something for store credit).




Actually, I use a credit card and $0.01 charge showed up on my credit card as a charge, not a pending charge.  Online the pending charges are very clearly labeled as pending.  The 0.01 charge for the book is not pending.  So it's not a debit/credit card thing.  This is the only time this has happened to me and I've downloaded a lot of free books.



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Re: Shipping Fees for ebooks

I don't believe it is a debit/credit thing. Like I said, I downloaded somewhere between 15 and 19 free ebooks that evening. Of this total, only 4 were charged the $0.01. If it were a verification thing, I would have expected to see the same charge for every one I downloaded. Not only for 20% of the total downloads.


Plain and simple, this is a B&N issue...NOT a debit card issue....NOT a credit card issue....NOT a timing issue.


Again - it is not about the amount - it is the simple fact that I am being charged for something advertised as FREE - if I were to exaggerate the issue, it could be defined as FRAUD.


I just checked my account again - and STILL no credit back for those amounts. The closest thing to an explanation I received from Customer Support was that these charges would be credited back when I downloaded the books. I explained that I had a nook & that these books were downloaded the same day they were purchased. However, I forced a download again this morning for these titles with the desktop software - and still no credit.




Until I am assured that this issue is resolved, I will not be purchasing books from B&N (free or otherwise).


I don't know about everyone else - but I am a single parent of two - in this economy, every penny counts for me!!





“The greatest gift is a passion for reading.”
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Re: Shipping Fees for ebooks


Cleos_Mum wrote:


To further add insult to injury - my bank has recorded these $0.01 'purchases' as ATM Debits. Therefore, my bank will now charge me $0.50 for each of  these $0.01 Free books - thereby making my price $0.51 each for these free books.


Nice, huh?



I would be changing banks in a hurry.  There are plenty that don't charge for every debit transaction.  In this day and age that is ridiculous.


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