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Re: Stand for Nook

Got my bookgem. Cool little product. My GF got 4 of for xmas presents so she got the buy 3 get 1 free deal. After getting it in my hands I would def recommend it even at the buy 1 price of $15


Still got my custom built stand for backup.


If I find the smaller version of the thin folding plate stand I am going to get one and experiment with ruberizing.  Just cause I enjoy doing things like that. Maybe ya'll will see a link to my site to buy 1  :smileywink:


easiest to get multi discount from the bookgem site. 

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Re: Stand for Nook

I found myself doing a fair amount of fighting with the charging cable on my NC.  That proved especially problematic at work while I was trying to listen to music.  A 6$ easel from the art supply store has solved that problem nicely.  I added a trivet and some rubber feet to give it some heft and traction.

Here's the stand:



And here's an action shot:


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Re: Stand for Nook

Looks like a winner to me.  I'm going to fashion something similar, I think.  Thanks for the photos.



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Re: Stand for Nook

Cool rigging. I know it's slightly more expensive, but I actually forked over $14.95 for the B&N Nook Color stand. It wasn't out yet, I don't think, when you posted this.

It folds and actually tucks into the leather case that I have my Nook in. I don't have to remove the case to use it and it works great.