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Re: Stolen Nook

DeanGibson wrote:
Try clicking on "Erase & Deregister";  it tells you to do it on the device.



I'd not gone that step as I didn't want to risk having to go through the whole process of setting up my devices again.


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Re: Stolen Nook

Blacklisting does work I know plenty of student who have bought books that they can't use because the devise has been stolen. Mines was also stolen from work and I reported it and blacklisted it now they can't do anything with it. Besides the serial number doesn't change any Nook you have you have to register it and when that serial number comes up that person has to explain it being reported stolen.
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Re: Stolen Nook

not so much a paper weight,people tent to turn stolen nooks into android tablets,sad reality
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Re: Stolen Nook

Good luck turning a stolen first edition into a tablet, lol.

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Re: Stolen Nook

Exactly my worry that the whole dregistering it would just stop sort-of crooks from using it as a Nook, but any realish crook would just sideload a bunch of stuff, root it and use it.


Mine may still be under some pile of stuff or in some bag in my house and it's been a few months with no funny purchases so I still have not blacklisted it. Part of me wants to see a charge so I know it has been stolen and I'll give up finding it in my house.



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