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Suggestions for nook classic v1.7

First of all, why 1.7?  Well to be honest with you its because I am pretty sure none of these suggestions will make it in 1.6 since I and quite a few others have been asking for them for a few versions now.

Nevertheless, here are some things I would like to see.


  • Ability to enable/disable airplane mode without exiting all the way to the options menu. (perhaps a double-click of the sleep button?)
  • Ability to reorganize the order of the books within the shelves.
  • Ability to disable wi-fi and keep 3G enabled without leaving your book.
  • Evenly balanced option buttons instead of the HUGE arrows and the tiny thin OK circle.
  • Faster touch screen.
  • Modifiable touch screen main page.  (I liked the one page from before.  I don't use the Daily/Games/Audio/Web buttons.)  It would look much cleaner and eliminate the need to scroll all the way to the right for the options I use often.
  • Ability to go to the main page without closing the book.
  • Ability to delete books right from your nook.
  • Perhaps the ability to completely uninstall the useless browser?
  • Sample tag to be added to books regardless of whether they are new/unread or not.
  • Some sort of Entire Book tagging/notes.  (I like to mark when I start/finish a novel and adding it as a highlight/note is a hassle when I have to highlight the first word which usually means the first two words or two lines.
  • Optional visible highlights/notes displayed overlaid on the e-ink screen.

I had quite a few more but that's all I can think of for now.