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Re: Update Suggestion for v1.8

Rav_Bunneh wrote:

I taught my nook n1e how to do the dishes and walk the dog. Sadly, however, it refuses to clean its room unless I pitch a fit. So I'm taking away my nooks internet until it learns some manors.

Good for you! There's nothing worse than a Nook thinking it can start to get away with things. I know mine lately has been throwing tempertantrums if she doesn't get what she want and has to wait. I said fine my three year old behaves better than that! So I shut off her WiFi this way I know she's not sneaking behind my back logging into the internet and if she wants anything she has to do it her self which means find a job or live with it.


She's also been very temperamental since she got a new email address and had to be re-registered and lost a lot of her books. Some at least she already read, but then there where several that she hadn't gotten to. You should have heard her with CS %@#&^! I over heard her about one book in particular. It was a special for 99 cents and now with tax is $9+. It was the first in a series in which the same day she purchased four more in that series, (Well they are still there ready to read!), she tried explaining that the funds were available this was the excuse they gave while putting her on hold for over three hours on and off. Because the other four books in the series downloaded the same day (back in Jan) they compromised only on the 99 cent one and was going to email her a gift certificate with the difference. Because after trying to fix the problem she now has four of the same book unable to archive in her! Can you believe that!:smileysurprised: They did nothing concerning her other books blaming it on funds not available when she's had some of these books over a year all because she had to unregister herself and register with new address and now after waiting a week she has to call again because she never received her gift certificate! I'd hate to be the CS that day!!!:smileyhappy:


Being the mom and all I tried smoothing things over but nothing helped! She lost a lot of her allowance that she worked hard for just to buy some of those books. Can you really blame her? I looked into it and found out this is not the first time after having to re-register your Nook that this has happened. Seems like they just weren't willing to take responsibility and either refund her for the books or put them back in to download!


If she starts behaving herself and do as told I think this time I'll call myself although from previous experience I'm so not looking forward to it. They seem to like the hold button. So a call that should take less than half hour turns into two or more hours. Shouldn't have to take that long over such a simple task:smileymad:

Can anyone help? I think my fingers got glued to my NOOK and I can't seem to put it down!1! :smileyhappy:-
Although it's a good conversation piece when out in public!!
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Re: Update Suggestion for v1.8

Tess75 wrote:

"You didn't specify. If you could pick one thing to wish for? Are we talking about being granted a wish for the Nook or a general wish?" 


My wish for the NOOK?
That the people writing the upgrades, doing the programming for the NOOK actually liked to read.  Most of the upgrades, in my opinion, are written by people who dislike reading very, very much or are only capable of having ONE book at a time on their NOOK.
If the programmers were as dedicated to reading as much as EVERY PERSON ON THESE BOARDS, then we'd have
1.  shelves that are actually useful,
2. bookmarking that could be used by normal humans,
3. note making functionality that enhances the book being read,
4. the ability to read footnotes and return to where we were reading.
5. A way,any way, to keep track of highlighted passages.
I seriously doubt that the programmers' first or second language is English. 
At the end of the day the Nook is a computer.  It will do virtually anything you tell it to do (within reason, no dog walking or three dimensional travel).  Other readers do many of the things that have been requested. This is one of BN's top sellers, yet their programming support and upgrades have always been abysmal, with long stretches of time between upgrades.  Good grief, do the programmers have to finish their home work before they can start writing code? 
As a side note:
I changed my email. It took me 2.5 hours to do what every other website on the planet allows you to do in about two minutes.
After de-registering and re-registering my NOOK this weekend, I can testify: The people responsible for this procedure must be from outer space.