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Re: Who is keeping their NE1?

Even though I just got the NE2 today - I'm keeping my NE1 - I only bought the NE2 to take back and forth to work as some of my co-workers can't seem to keep their hands off my NE1 and a couple of them almost dropped it - so I bought the NE2 since it's Wi-Fi only for when I'm at work as I like to read on my breaks and lunch.


  I do like the features of the NE2 as I only use my NE1 to read - I could care less about the web browser, games, etc... I know some people want more features I'm happy with just an E-Reader like the NE2 - the only thing that would make it perfect and have me give up my NE1 was if it was 3G also.  I also LOVE the fact that you can put both your libraries together - no more BN Library and My Documents Library UNLESS you want them separated.



When/IF BN decided to release an NE2 with 3G/Wi-Fi ONLY then would I consider giving up my NE1

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Re: Who is keeping their NE1?

I'm keeping mine.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  My disappointment level with B&N is off the chart.  I disliked the new model with the same intensity that I like the Nook 1st edition.  How intense you ask?  I bought a second Nook 1st edition as backup should anything happen to my current reader, complete with extra accessories for two units, i.e., book covers, colored backs, extra batteries, extra mylar screen protectors, and an extra USB connector/charger.


I had recently bought Nook 1st editions for three of my granddaughters.  So now I'm invested in 5 units total.  I'm debating whether I should pick up book covers for my granddaughters before they become unavailable.  I'm running out of time.  What a shame that B&N just fazed out these great readers.  I wouldn't buy their new unit if my life depended on it.  I'm one person that will not endorse the new Nook.  Besides a number of issues that I see as shortcomings, I have a difficult time just holding the unit.  I'm male with large hands. 

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Re: Who is keeping their NE1?

I got my NE1 for Christmas so it isn't even 6 months old yet. It works perfectly fine and I have had no issues with it at all. It still does exactly what it was designed to do and that keeps me happy. I do lust for NE2 but just can't see buying a new device just because it is new. I am hoping that I get many years of reading joy from Nookie. Once it is gone then I will buy whatever is the latest eInk reader.

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Re: Who is keeping their NE1?

I am.


I skip generations of hardware upgrades, two main reasons

1) I find keeping up with the latest hardware upgrade for a device to be tedious

2) I think hardware should evolve in a minimum of 2-year cycles, not 1-year cycles. It's a better use of resources to upgrade less often, but still maintain a forward progression on tech.


Also, I like my N1E as is, I'm not entirely sold on the smaller profile of the N2E.

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Re: Who is keeping their N1E?

I'm keeping my N1E. It's still going strong after 18 months.


Also my employer bought me an iPad last week and I've been doing a lot of reading on that using the NOOK app. It's a WiFi only iPad and I find I really miss the 3G of the NOOK.


I'll probably start (yet another) thread comparing my reading experience on the N1E and the iPad.


For the moment I will say the reading experience is much more pleasant on the N1E, but  it is inconvenient to carry two tablet sized devices and I need the iPad for work.


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Re: Who is keeping their NE1?

I'm keeping my N1E at least through the summer. I've never been one to buy the next new thing and usually keep my devices until they die. My cell phone isn't a smart phone (and it's 2 years old now). My ipod is the 5th gen nano and it's the first one I've ever owned.I only buy a new computer when an old one dies and it would be more expensive to get it repaired than get a new one.


I do want the N2E and will probably get it at the end of the summer. My reasoning is that it is exactly what I wanted in an ereader when I bought my N1E last August. I've wanted a lighter, smaller device for months due to pain in my hands. I won't be getting rid of my N1E, though. I'm keeping it around for my son to read. He'll be 10 this August and I'm hoping a device for reading will increase his interest. I've let him read on my nook before and he loved it. 

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Re: Who is keeping their NE1?

I'm keeping my NE1.  I have only had it for a few weeks and I love it.  I do not normally buy the 1st generation of anything new, especially cars and electronics.  I let others deal with the bugs that show up!

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Re: Who is keeping their NE1?

I'm keeping mine.  :smileyhappy:  If I decide not to keep something - it might just be this NE2 I just got. 


I bought the NE2 for use outdoors (and honestly, the NE1 was good enough for that already).


I primarily use the NC - I do love having magazine subscriptions done through that device.


That said, the NE2 is super-annoying to me in how little it lets me organize everything that gets sync'd to it.   I wish there was a setting so that magazines would not sync up to this device.


Also not happy with the way shelves work in the NE2.


I love the size of it... but that's where my love affair with it ends. 


I've only had the NE2 for a few days... I'm thinking of returning it this weekend. 

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Re: Who is keeping their NE1?

i said i'd only get it if i sold mine...i sold mine in 15 minutes when i posted it to my facebook. there were a few features i liked alot better the black edge the friends(even through my nookfriends isnt working) and the library mixing the bn books and sideload content. i did cry when i packed my NE1 away. and i may miss the games and music but i have a iphone and ipad. and it has a good home now.

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Re: Who is keeping their NE1?

I'm actually a 3 nook household: I have the N1E 3G (pre-ordered it), picked up the NC a couple of months ago (mainly for my daughter: being able to have a different color background helps with her reading), and I picked up the N2E 2 weeks ago.  Plan to keep them all.  My wife is using the N1E, and the N2E is mine. 

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Re: Who is keeping their NE1?

Sold mine as well,  so I wouldn't say it was necessarily a frivolous expenditure.  :smileyhappy:    I was a little sad to pack it off though,   there were aspects I liked but I couldn't justify having two and the Nook Touch won out.   My daughter's is for sale now,  I took a leap of faith and already purchased her the new one.

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Re: Who is keeping their NE1?

I have an N2E and I'm keeping my N1E too. :smileyhappy:

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Re: Who is keeping their NE1?

Maybe I'm strange, but I like browsing the coverart in color and I like being able to listen to audiobooks on my nook.

Yes, I know mp3 players are cheap, but I I like having all my books (ebook and audiobook) live together and leave my mp3 player for music.

I hope my N1E lasts until there is a new nook with color e-ink and and audio.

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Re: Who is keeping their NE1?

I ordered my N1E in December of 2009 and frecived it 6 long weeks later. I simply love it, It has kept me company during the many doctor appointments before and after brain surgery.


I am going to get the N2E for myself for Christmas this year and give my N1E to my 10 yr old granddaughter.

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Re: Who is keeping their NE1?

Hello All:


I'm keeping my NE1 as well. Overall, it's been a great reader and I use it constantly, especially for casual reading and ephemera (like newspapers). It's a very solid piece of equipment. I'd consider the new one IF it included the two features I've missed all along on my NE1--namely, the ability to easily access and sync notes across the Nook applications, and the ability to zoom on purely graphic-image PDF's. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that the Simple Touch includes either of those features, so there's no reason for me to upgrade, especially since I do use the browser and music player functions regularly.


Like others here, too, I tend to see a gadget as "obsolete" when it ceases to be useful to me, rather than when a new version of the gadget emerges. Really, all the Simple Touch seems to do is add the touchscreen functionality and slightly faster page turning, but doesn't really add anything to the reading experience that the NE1 doesn't already have (and actually removes several other functions). I really want to support BN because I don't like Amazon's more proprietary business model, but their take on which functionalities to include in their devices (and the rapidity of replacing the NE1 with a new model) really baffles me.




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Re: Who is keeping their NE1?

My nook is 3G. I love being able to purchase a book anywhere I may be, wifi or not. Even if the new nook had 3g or 4g, I wouldn't get a new one. My nook meets all of my needs, why change?

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Re: Who is keeping their NE1?

I'm keeping my N1E that I've named The Rabbit Hole. I got it as a Birthday present last year and don't see the need to upgrade when a device is just that old. 


I liked the N2E however I what held me back was the device was smaller and looked more like a square than a rectangle. Yes I'm picky, leave me alone, I liked the idea of the devices looking roughly the size of a book and not a square. Also I was hoping for a bigger screen, 6.5 inches or 7 inches. Not the same size with a give or take. 


So I bought a spare battery and finally put my foot down and got an Oberon Book cover and am planning for the long haul. I'll wait till N3E or N4E, depending on the size of the e-ink screen. Glad to see B&N keeping the expandable memory card though. I hope and pray that doesn't go away.

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Re: Who is keeping their NE1?

I think the vast majority of nook owners will be keeping their nook1s. Most people today can't afford to throw away a $150 device just because a new model comes along. Mine works perfectly and I love the color touchscreen so I am very happy. I plan on keeping it until it dies. 


Likewise my last laptop was 4 years old and good for another 2 or 3 years when "the accident" happened. Luckily, I still had a month on my accident insurance policy and Dell sent me a  (refurbished) goodie-laden current model laptop. I've had that for 2 years and hope to have it for another 2 or 3.


Now my son would do something like getting a new version when the old is still working but he is young and single with a 6 figure income. We are near retirement and on a fixed income. Plus I'm cheap.

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Re: Who is keeping their NE1?

ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've got to have the 3G, besides I love my nook 1st ed!
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Re: Who is keeping their NE1?

Definitely, I am keeping mine as well.  I have the N2E, however, I love the color navigation screen of the N1E.  I also like its color and its shape.  I think it's, in a way, more elegant and sleek than the N2E.  I use my N2E four days a week, whereas the N1E us used only three days a week.  I'll keep it until it dies.

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