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Why register the Nook?

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I would like to buy a Nook for my children to use. My plan is to only download EBooks from my local library. My local library has downloadable books in the EPub file format and they're free of course. My library says that the Nook is a compatible device for what they offer.

I would prefer to not have a Nook associated with a credit card - especially if my children are going to use it.


So now I have a couple of questions I hope someone can answer:


#1 - If I do not plan to purchase books from Barnes and Noble, will I still be able to use the Nook if I don't register it?


#2 - Does registering the Nook with a credit card give you extra features other than the ability to purchase books from Barnes and Noble?


#3 - Does it affect the warrenty in any way??


I can't seem to find answers anywhere.


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Re: What register the Nook?

You can't use NOOKColor without registering it.  So, if you're considering the color version, you'll need to register and put a credit card on file.  You can password protect purchasing, so unless your kids could guess the PIN, they couldn't buy any books.


You can choose to not register a NOOKClassic.  


If you don't register and put a credit card on your B&N account not only will you not be able to purchase ebooks from B&N, you won't be able to download any of the free ebooks at B&N, either.


I believe the v1.5 software for NOOK allows you to PIN protect book purchasing, but since nobody touches mine but me (:smileytongue:) I haven't bothered yet.


You would be able to use library books on it without registering it, and you would be able to purchase books at other sites that sell .epub books.


I don't know about the warranty, but my gut reaction is that it should not affect the hardware warranty in any way.  Someone else may KNOW the answer to that question, though.

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Re: What register the Nook?

If you don't register with a credit card, some of the in store functionality may be crippple especially the read in store.  You could still have a bn account with credit card NOTassociated with the nook where you could get free ebooks and other books and then you could sideload those books onto the kids' nook

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Re: Why register the Nook?

Both the Color and Classic nook require a B&N account in order to be able to be updated.   The Color nook requires you to register it before it is even usable.   In order to register it, you must have a B&N account with an associated CC.


However, as others have pointed out, you can configure them so that purchased can NOT be made from it without entering a pasword, thus nothing can be purchased without that password.


I believe that should satisfy your requirements.

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Re: Why register the Nook?

Even though this thread is pretty old I still feel I must reply to it.


The replies here have answered my questions perfectly.  I have the same intentions as the original poster.  Now that I've found out this information I will be returning my recently bought Colors.  I see no point in registering and giving you a CC just to be able to use the device.

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Re: Why register the Nook?

You can always associate the account with a dummy credit card.  That's what I did with iTunes.  Someone gave me one of those $25 Visa gift cards and I called the number on the back and had them put my house address on the card.  This made it a credit card I could use online.  Even if you use up all $25 at the grocery store or gas station, the card is still valid and you can override the "requirement" of having a card on file! :smileyhappy: for ideas on what to read next!
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