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Re: is there anything that you don't like about the nook?

The lack of any organization is the only thing keeping me from piling tons more reading material onto my nook. It doesn't help me much to sort alphabetically if I need something in the Rs and have to scroll through tons of pages to reach that letter. If there were a working backlight, battery life would decrease substantially, but I've never had a problem with that because I can just use the usb cable when I'm at a computer or laptop to give my nook some electrons.
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Re: NOOKs and minors, and other caveats


MissPeaches wrote:


And by the way, wouldn't the small anti-credit-card-number group of people be able to use a made-up 16-digit number?


No, B&N checks that it is a valid credit card number and verifies that you have given the correct name and billing address.  (Otherwise, it wouldn't be a very effective form of DRM.)


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Re: is there anything that you don't like about the nook?

I have the Nook, and I like it. Sometimes the screen seems to go crazy and start blinking to something else, for no apparent reason. No sure what that is all about, but its still a great ereader.

I have tried the Kindle, and I must say it seems to download books smoother, and the battery lasts longer.


I have not found my Nook's battery to last over about 4 days. I have already had to buy a new battery, which I thought was ridiculous. My Nook just would not charge or come on, until I replaced the battery.


Its also hard to organize books on the Nook.


I would suggest you try all of them, and see which one you like best.

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Re: is there anything that you don't like about the nook?

File Organization is the one thing I actually dislike - or I should say the lack of file organization.


PDF Handling could be done better; I would have preferred to see it handled better, perhaps build the PDF reader into the Beta Browser and handle them like it does a web page. That'd be an improvement I think.


But worst of all - the thing makes a terrible cup of coffee. All I asked it to do with add grinds to the filter, add water, and turn on the pot. But noooo... couldn't handle it, it used way to few scoops of coffee grinds. Horribly weak cuppa. Sheesh.

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Re: is there anything that you don't like about the nook?


There is a Suggested Improvement thread where you can also post these likes and dislikes...

If you post it there your suggestions are being heard and changes in the next update may very well have those suggestions..