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nook battery life

I have a nook since Feb. 2010, and I have noticed my battery lasting only at the most 4 days max with the airplane mode on, and the WiFi off. That is that I spend max 2hrs on it every day. What's up with that? Customer service gave a few suggestions on how to reset it by removing the battery for about two hours, and to recharge it afterwards. After that didn't work, I called customer service again, and received no help. Does anyone have any advice for me?

I appreciate the help. Thanks!

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Re: nook battery life

Thats all I have ever gotten from mine as well.  I just chalked it down to "they lied".  Which is pretty common for battery life on most products.

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Re: nook battery life


1. Unplug the device if it is plugged in.

2. While unplugged, hold down the power button for 15 seconds to make sure the device is off.

3. Plug the device into the wall (with the battery still in it).  The yellow LED should come on within 10-30 seconds.

4. If the yellow LED does come on, leave the device plugged in and allow it to charge.  After 30 minutes or so, it should boot up and charge fully.

5. If the yellow LED does not come on after step 3, go ahead and remove the plug, and then remove the battery.

6. Leave the battery for 4 hours (overnight if possible).  This step basically allows the battery to “reset”

7. After the 4 hours, go ahead and re-insert the battery.

8. Plug the device into the wall.  The yellow LED should come on within 10-30 seconds.  If so, leave it plugged in and allow it to boot and charge.


If this issue continues and  there is a store near you a store rep can put a “good” battery in the device to get it to boot up.  After it’s booted, they can swap the battery with the defective battery.


You can leave the device plugged in, and it won’t ruin the battery. Allowing the battery to discharge and then fully charge from time to time will extend the overall length of the battery.  However, this won’t be noticed until after several charges.


The NOOK's battery is designed to restrict power once fully charged; this feature allows the user to leave the device charging unsupervised. The orange light indicator (located at the bottom of the device) will turn off when the NOOK is fully charged; also restricting the power source. 


With regards to setting "high and low battery levels"; our developers have provided these charging recommendations to maximize battery life.  *Partially discharge the battery rather than fully discharging it. For example, charge your NOOK when you see the low charge alert, rather than continuing to use it until it turns off itself. 

* Avoid high temperatures if possible for use and storage
*charge the battery half way before storing your NOOK for a week or 
*Turn your NOOK off for storage. If you are going to store your NOOK for
more that a week, turn it off. 


Your Admin.,