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original nook classic 1 vs nook touch

I have the original and was debating on getting the touch. Does anyone prefer the touch over the classic 1?

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Re: original nook classic 1 vs nook touch

There are a few things I miss about the N1E, but overall I would say the N2E was a great step up.


Lighter, smaller, quicker page turns, more graphical interface (especially in the shop).


Two things I miss: shelving system was better on N1E, syncing of wishlist with online account.

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Re: original nook classic 1 vs nook touch

I just upgraded to the Simple Touch two weeks ago.  One thing that is a vast improvement is tapping on something in the table of contents of a book, instead of using the up and down arrows to select it.  This is a tremendous time saver if you read a Bible on the Nook and frequently jump to different passages.  It's also much quicker to look up a word in the dictionary for the same reason.


As the other poster said, there are a few things I miss on the Nook 1st Edition, like reading The Daily.  The NST does not have a web browser, although on firmwares through 1.0.1 there is a low functioning one hidden in the search function.  Also, it's unfortunate that the games weren't transferred to the NST. While they were cumbersome to use on the small touch screen of the N1E, they would have been great on the full touch screen.


Be aware that, since the price drop to $99, the NST doesn't include a power adapter, but it still includes the USB cable to attach it to your computer.  I believe you can buy the power adapter for about $10, so it's still a better deal than the $140 price tag from a week ago.

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Re: original nook classic 1 vs nook touch

I just moved to the nook touch 2 days ago after buying the a N1E the day it came out. I primarily bought it for the extended battery life - my N1E battery was nearing end of life and I used that to help rationalize :smileywink: 


I miss the 3g.

I wish I could disable turn by swipe sometimes.


Other than that... I like, a lot. I expected to, but I specifically like it in ways I wasn't expected. Let me elaborate.


The screen contrast. The N1E was good here, but this is just better.


It's a much more comfortable size for one handed reading. The N1E wasn't bad here, but the Nook touch is great. Both the size and the weights slight changes worked well.


No more accidental page turns. The N1E in a case was constantly turning pages on me if I didn't turn it off. Maybe this was me just my case choice - I don't know. 


The touch e-ink is just intuitive for shopping/home screen. Plus it is so much more responsive than the LCD touch screen on the N1E. We're only talking seconds here, but it's just more refined.


The wifi just works - I have one of those hotel style login screens at home, and it all just worked. Was very pleased.


I guess the common theme for me is 'refined'. I was very happy with my N1E, but everything just got a bit better on the touch, minus my 3G gripe.


I will say I'm a little dubious about the battery comments I've heard. I'm two days in and down to 68% remaining, but I've been playing with it a lot - wifi etc, so we'll see how that pans out.



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Re: original nook classic 1 vs nook touch

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I have the classic as well as a NC, but I love, love, love the classic esp. with the Industriell easel cover that I have.  It still looks brand new after close to a year of usage, and battery life is around 2 weeks, with maybe 2 hours of reading a day.  I've never had it serviced, and I still haven't had a bezel crack issue.  [On a separate note, my wife's classic was replaced at around 9 months due to a screen freeze.  She got a brand new one as replacement.] 


For us, the form factor alone of the classic is a winner (we like thinner rectangles more than a box type, and we like the white frame with pewter back), as well as the small color touchscreen where you can browse the covers and where the touchscreen keyboard shows up.  So glad the classic does not have a physical keyboard which looks so dated.  Page transitions do not bother me, and I like lighter fonts (I prefer serif of the smaller size and not bolded).  I like the option to listen to mp3's (though seldom), and for emergencies, the capability to check email if for some reason I don't have my phone with me (or ran out of batteries).  I like the shelving options too.  As an ereader, no question, I've read tons of books on it. 


So, with all the hoopla about the new NST and the new Kindle, I've never felt the need to replace my good old classic.  However, since I love tinkering with the NC, I do have a fascination for the new tablet and the Fire.  With all the issues being brought up in the boards about the NST (Touch), I would think the classic definitely holds its own as far as looks, function and value for money. 



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Re: original nook classic 1 vs nook touch

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svsu wrote:

I have the original and was debating on getting the touch. Does anyone prefer the touch over the classic 1?

I have all three now.  I had a NST a while ago and returned it.  I really only have one now because my mom has one and when she needs help, I need to have the device in front of me to walk her through whatever issue she is having.  I still like my N1E more. 


The NST is lighter, easier to hold and I like the full touch screen.  I've been using it since I got so I could get familar with it.  I haven't had any of the WiFi issues other seem to have before or after the update. 


I hate the way the shelving works on the NST, there's no way to see what shelf a particular book is on or to find those books that haven't been shelved.  The N1E may be more cumbersome to initially populate the shelves, but it's much more user friendly once they are populated and there is an unshelved shelf so you can easily see what needs to be shelved.


I really dislike the fact that the wishlist on the NST isn't synced to the website.  Why in the world they would think I want to keep multiple wishlists is beyond me. I have the NC and the Android App on my phone, none of which sync to the website, so that would be 4 wishlists to keep track of.


So, although the NST has some advantages, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages for me at this time. 

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Re: original nook classic 1 vs nook touch

It might not be relevant to your situation, but I'll mention it: the newer NOOK models don't work with eReader PDB files. Only the NOOK 1st Edition does.


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Re: original nook classic 1 vs nook touch

I purchased the nook classic over the kindle because of the more stream-lined, sophisticated look and especially for the user changeable battery. I've owned my nook classic since early Dec. 2009 and like another poster have never had a serious issue with it, not even a cracked bezel. I bought a new battery for it when they were on sale at Best Buy and was pleased that it seemed to hold a charge longer. For me, the move to a battery that is not able to be changed by the user in the newer units, seems like a step backward. I don't want to have to send my unit in or have it exchanged/replaced because of a battery that's gone bad or reached the end of its life. I know the day will eventually come when my battery dies and there just won't be any replacements available...hopefully by then B&N will have gone back to a user changeable battery.

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Re: original nook classic 1 vs nook touch

Late to the discussion, but we have and use the classic (pre-ordered it before release) simple touch, and simple touch glow.

There are things I like and don't like.  As a product I think it was clearly superior to what has followed - the battery is replaceable, the expansion card goes inside where the children won't take it out and stick it in their noses. It has audio.  It was easier to learn to use, add your own screensavers, etc. 
The color of the screen makes the print easier to read, and I think that is clearly superior to the brackish gray of the simple touch backgrounds.

Both the bezels broke next to where you use the page turn button.  I didn't like using the "swipe" for page turns. The first one broke just a week after it arrived and they replaced it. After that they broke again but I had a silicone cover on by that time so I didn't have to look at it and it does not affect function in any way. It worked very well until it got wet and quit.  That was after the warranty was out. I thought it was dead but I messed with it and it has gotten most of its function back (computer doesnt' recognize it, and it doesn't work while charging, even with the wall charger)


As far as weight and size it fits my hands better than the simple touch (more about that later) and weighs less than most of the books I read. I think it is a little more comfortable with the silicone cover than without it but better both ways than the simple touch.

The simple touch is a nice little gem that fits in anything, and right away we come to the first problem.  It's a little too big for one hand like a cellphone or handheld you might read a book with, but so thin that I noticed that my hand muscles were aching.  I solved that by buying an inexpensive leather cover through Amazon (less than 5 dollars and works fine, don't bother with name brand)  Now it doesn't fit quite as many places but it is well-protected wherever it does fit.

Like I mentioned above it doesn't have quite the "clean" look of the classic.



The simple touch units were clearly not made to last.  Both my units have been replaced (with grace, right at the store, thought I didn't have the receipt or the charge cord with me.)  The simple touch was replaced because the touch function stopped working and without that it doesn't work.

The Glow developed little "tears" in the screen that made annoying bright spots.  I have noticed this mentioned in nook forums and think it is a fairly common problem.

The battery is not replaceable.  It is intended to do nothing but read books - the web browsing capacity was removed  -  you can only go to the Barnes and Noble store. You can't borrow books from the library like you could on the classic- have to use the computer and download them, then hook up your nook and transfer them.  Not terrible but annoying, when it is clear that they could have just as easily left that capacity intact. It has no audio capibility. 


Many of the e-books that I bought for my Palm, which I could read on the classic, cannot be transferred to the simple touch units.   The annoying thing about this is that I bought them from E-reader which is a Barnes and Noble company.

The things I like about the simple touch -  you can change print size, line spacing and margin - which means you can adjust it so you read a line at a time in a smooth downward sweep and yet have enough words on a page that you aren't always tapping for a page turn. I have a daughter with low visual acuity and can make the print very large so she can read it.  I

I really LOVE the glow - our biggest marital disagreement has since year one been about reading in bed.  We both like to read in bed but my Dear Husband, when he is done, wants the lights out NOW even if I'm in the middle of a sentence, whereas I don't mind the lights on as long as it is quiet.

So he we got the glow (for him, but I'm the one using it) and it is the first thing that has really worked to everyone's satisfaction.


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Re: original nook classic 1 vs nook touch

I own the nook classic, the nook color, and the nook HD+. I highly recommend one of the touch screen versions. So easy to use and so much quicker.