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Apps not opening.

I've only had my 3D color Nook since Jan 13.  I have downloaded about 15 books and about 8 games for my grandson.  Everything was working fine until last night.  I went to open WordOff and it said it was loading, but then didn't.  Up popped a message box that said it couldn't load right now and that I should delete some stuff in my library.  So, I did go and delete a couple books I had read.  I also deleted a couple of apps for games that we don't play.  Went back and tried to re-open Word off and got the same message.  So then I tried to open other apps for games and got the same message.  I checked my storage and it's only 28% used.  I can't figure out what the problem is.  Any suggestions???

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Re: Apps not opening.

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