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Audiobook file sorting

I have sideloaded 1 mp3 song and two mp3 audio books.  The song was a sample which came with my PC.  The two audio books I downloaded from my public library using Overdrive. ( I was told I could do this before I purchased the Nook - a big selling point for me!)


I added the mp3 song in the folder my music.  I added a subfolder for each audiobook under my audiobooks.


Even though I can see on my PC that the files of the audiobooks are in correct order -  alphabetical/numerical order - they do not appear this way on my nook.


After reading the documentation I realize that my audiobooks and music are not going to be sorted like the ebooks library.  However the files of my audiobooks out of sequence.


I am positive I ejected the nook correctly after sideloading.

I also thought the audiobooks were not DRM managed since I can opt to burn them to a CD which seems to be the case with all MP3 audiobooks.

Also, the shuffle button is not highlighted.


Could you help me put my audiobook files in correct sequence? 

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Re: Audiobook file sorting


Thank you for posting.  We're striving to improve the reading experience and your input is valuable. This is from the FAQ and Support section (see link below):


How do I organize my personal files (documents, audio files, and image files) on my NOOK?

Accessible from the library icon on the Home menu, my documents is a view of your personal digital content. Where you can put your personal files differs for the internal memory and a supplemental microSD card:

For copying personal documents and files to your NOOK, connect your NOOK to your computer with the USB cable and open the NOOK drive for the internal memory. Place your ePub, PDB, and PDF files in the folder my documents, or in folders under that folder. Any hierarchy under my documents is fine. Place your image files either in the my wallpapers folder or in a sub-folder under the my screensavers folder. And for audio files, place those files in the my music folder on the NOOK drive.
For a supplemental microSD card, place your files anywhere on the card, in any hierarchy. When viewed from your personal computer, the files retain this organization. Your NOOK does not move them. The my documents part of your library is not a view of the files and folders, but of information about the files. It is a flat view, a list. The hierarchy is not reflected in the list.
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Re: Audiobook file sorting

[ Edited ]

Do you mean you have multiple .mp3 files for a single audio book and you want them to play in order?


Unfortunatel, I don't think the nook's audio player has very good sorting. I added a bunch of MP3 files and as far as I can tell the list is random. In fact, I'm not even sure what the difference is between shuffle and non-shuffle play, as the files look to be shuffled in both cases! Actually, I take that back. For the songs, they are sorted first by artist, then by album, then by song title (too bad they don't use the track number). Usually. There are a few CD titles that are sorted randomly.


For books, it claims to sort them by title and author. Maybe make sure the titles of the tracks are alphabetical in the right order (ie, make sure you don't have book1, book2, ... book10, book11), otherwise it won't sort right.

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Re: Audiobook file sorting

Yeah, I converted and downloaded the whole 7th Harry Potter audiobook.  If I look at the nook directory on my computer, the files are in the correct order.  But on the Nook they'll go along great guns and then suddenly pop over to another track.  I've been reading along so I know when it happens and I can go searching for the correct file.  But it's really irritating.  Especially when I'm flipping through the directory and I hit one a little too hard and it starts playing.  So I hit the directory button and I'm back at the beginning.  But are you saying if I put them on the microdisk they should stay in the right place? Considering how big the book is, I probably should have done that anyway.

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Re: Audiobook file sorting

It sounds like the nook development team needs to set up 2 different ways for playing audio: 1 for music that can be played in order or shuffled, and 1 for audiobooks that can only be played in track order. They should be able to base it on which directory the files are in ("my music" or "my audiobooks"). Maybe they'll include this in the 1.5 software update....

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Re: Audiobook file sorting

I'm having a nightmare getting my audio files to play in the right order too. I have tried every concievable way of numbering and lettering the files in order, but the nook seems to jumble them up every time. I realize that playing mp3s is not the principle function of the nook, but nevertheless I find it very useful to be able to keep my audiobooks and ebooks on a single device. I hope that the audio player recieves some attention in a future firmware update.