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Book wont open, wont download newest software

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Brand new nook. Got it today.... it wont open the new book that I bought. I have archived it, and unarchieved. Turned the darn thing on and off, and have done the whole check for b&n content trying to get the software update thinking that was my issue.... all to no avail bah. Any help would be great, thanks. 

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Re: Book wont open, wont download newest software

I have/had this same problem.  My family spent all day trying to figure it out.  Ended up erasing and deregistering the nookcolor.  Reregistered it and all the books immediately downloaded.  I was then able to update to 1.0.1.  The nook color says that it had an update to 1.5 available through the notification, but throught the support page it will only update to 1.0.1 and the regular nook's update is the one that shows the 1.5.  I had to follow the manual update procedures to make it work.  That seems to have solved the problem, but only time will tell.  I am seriously disappointed with the quality of the reader, and the support available.  The servers seemed to be to busy today and can only imagine how it will be tomorrow.

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