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Re: Can't find audio files.

I had the same problem. It seems that if you reboot the nook the files will get listed (or listed faster as I think I waited a pretty long while without booting and nothing). I had to change my mp3 list a couple of times to suite my needs once I realized that everything is in one bucket after you load them (even if the files themselves are organized into sub folders on the nook). So after you are done transfering the files you want press and hold the power button on top for 5 or so seconds until the screen goes blank then tap the power button again to start it back up.

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Re: Can't find audio files.

For all who have observed that the nook will mix all your audio files together when loaded on an SD card, that's just what the documentation says it will do. (See page 131 of the User Guide: "On a supplemental microSD card, you can create any folder hierarchy that you like to organize your files. When your nook scans the microSD card for files, it looks for files of specific types everywhere on the card. When your nook presents the files to you, it flattens the hierarchy and presents a list."


Unfortunately, for those of us who love classical music, this is a botched mess - I want to hear the Bach St. Matthew Passion in one continuous playback, NOT intermixed with other works by other composers. If the Bach tracks are labeled 01, 02, etc, then every other album's 01 track is going to play before the second track of the Bach piece. So far the only way I can see to avoid this is to add a prefix to each of the 38 or so tracks in this work so that they sort together.


That said, even after going through all this effort, my nook is absolutely abysmal at finding and keeping audio tracks. I am a fairly sophisticated tech user, and I've gone through several MicroSD cards - it's NOT the cards, it's the nook. It took 24 hours to "find" the tracks on a 4GB card, but the next day they were all gone again (without ever opening the nook or changing the card). It NEVER found the tracks on the 2GB or 8GB cards.


I hope someone at B&N will take note and make some improvements to the horribly flawed way the nook finds and organizes music, because the way it works right now it's virtually useless, at least for my needs.

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Re: Can't find audio files.

Agreed - The music player in the nook is practically worthless.  This needs major attention in the next update, along with properly syncing last page read between nook and the iPhone or Mac eBook reader.

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Nook won't play music when it says it is in the device?

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