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Deployed soldier needs help with tranferring content from mac to nook

Hi--I apologize if this question has been asked and answered a million times but poor internet connectivity here making surfing for answers very difficult. 


I am a soldier currently stationed in Afghanistan who recently received a nook from my family--pre-registered with my .mil email address to get around the international downloading restrictions.


We do not have wifi here, only a very, very slow wired connection. I have tried to overcome this wifi limitation by downloading B&N books directly from their website onto my Mac (OS X version 10.6.7). I then plug my nook into my computer, open its folder on my desktop, navigate to My Files and then Documents and put the epub file on the nook. So far, so good.


From the Nook, I go to My Files and Documents, (Nook Files/My Files/Documents) and try to open the book. Unfortunately, I consistently get this error, "Error Dialog Sorry, cannot open this book"


I am aware that B&N does not allow international purchases but that they make exceptions for people with .mil email addresses but could this still be the issue? I have also heard you should/could change part of the file name in order to make the book viewable in your nook device? 


Any help provided would be greatly appreciated!



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Sideloading from Mac to NOOK

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abouatgirl524 wrote:

 I have also heard you should/could change part of the file name in order to make the book viewable in your nook device?  

I think this might be your issue. 


The new NOOK only reads .epubs and .pdfs but direct downloads from to a Mac sometimes come in as .pdbs.  If you can download NOOK for Mac or NOOKStudy for Mac, they both grab .epubs which should be directly "sideloadable."  Also, the filenames usually come in as something recognizable as the title - not usually the whole thing but at least some keywords + ISBN.


Alternately, on a PC sometimes direct downloads come in as "ISBN.v2.epub" and the software in the NOOK itself can't read the extension properly with that first dot there.  If you rename to "ISBNv2.epub" the NOOKs can read them.  I don't know if this happens on Mac, but if it does, then maybe this could help you. 


Thank you for your service.  Be safe. 

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