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Do u have to own a nook to use app?

DO you have to own a Nook to be able to download and use the Nook app for I-phone?

Or can anyone download the Nook app on their I phone and read books?


I own a Nook and recently got an Iphone with the Nook app.

I can read my books on the iphone so why have the Nook?

I just want to feel like I have special access to the app because I own the Nook so I don't feel like I lost money!



Also the place I am at in the book on my I phone does not synchronize with where I am at in the book on MY nook is there a fix to this or just the way it is?


Thank you


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Re: Do u have to own a nook to use app?

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No you do not have to own a nook to use the app, just set up an account with B&N, link the app to the account, start ordering and reading.


Actually you can link your iPhone (well that maybe going bye-bye if Steve has his way per other postings on these board, you will have to order from your computer app and then let it down load to your iPhone B&N app, iPhone/Apple is going to ban outside vendor purchases on their equipment or so it has been posted and published by Apple), your computer and other electronic devices that B&N may have apps for to the account and read B&N content on any of them.


So, set up an account, download and link the app to your iPhone and I would also get one on my compter as well.  You can always order directly from the Web site on line through your browser, and it will download to your iPhone and computer app.


As for Sync....I have never figured that mystery does, it doesn't......then it all of a sudden does again....who knows.


As for why have a nook, well lat my age it is easier to read, that little screen on the iPhone or iPod is just that tiny and about illegible to eyes over the age of 50, so, I own an e-ink nook and a ColorNook, with my iPod, my iPod is for music, not reading.  If I get the iPhone this year from Verizon, that will be for calling, not readiing or music....diversity, not in the device, but in the devices and their recognized purposes....:smileyhappy:



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Re: Do u have to own a nook to use app?

Thank you!

I just got the I pHONE from Verizon, I refused to leave Verizon and knew if I hung in there they would get it.


I love my NOOK however at work on breaks it is easier for me to read on my phone rather than also "lugging" the Nook around.

I do prefer the Nook though!

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