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Font Size

How can i change the Font Size on the nook inoder to make reading enjoyable??.. i can't find the setting :/

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Re: Font Size

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The Nook First Edition comes preloaded with a User Guide.


  • Tap the home emblem (the white "n") twice to reach the main menu
  • If necessary swipe horizontally to make the "my library" icon visible
  • Tap the "my library" icon.
  • Tap "Go to My Documents" (scroll if necessary) If the top of the e-Ink screen displays "My Documents" you're already there.
  • Use the page change buttons to find the page that lists Nook User Guide
  • Use the up/down arrows on the color LCD screen to highlight and open the Nook User Guide
  • Use the "Go to" | "Chapter" function to find the "reading" chapter. You will need to swipe vertically to scroll to that chapter (it's quite a way down the list). Tap to go to that chapter.
  • Turn pages to reach the section on "To change the Reader text size:" (page 82 in Nook User Guide version 1.6 but  the page number may be different if you're reading a different version. It might take multiple page turns to view each numbered "page")

Note that some eBook publishers choose to disable Font and/or Font Size changes in individual eBooks to preserve their formatting.


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Re: Font Size

These instructions are for the Nook Classic (Nook 1E). On the color touch screen, scroll down to the bottom until you see "Preferences". Tap on this. Text size is one of your choices, tap on this and you can choose your text size. You might take RobertVA's suggestion and read the instruction manual, now that you know how to enlarge the text. Enjoy your Nook.
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Re: Font Size

 Can hardly read Facebook posts. Can the font be increased

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Re: Font Size In the User Guide I was able to change the font size so it is easier to read.

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