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Home Unavailable

When I went to start up my nook today, it went to the loading page, and kept trying to load.  It then went to a screen saver page, so I pushed the power button to wake it up, but then it gave an error message, saying that "home is unavailable" and gave a "force quit" or a "wait" option.  I tried pushing the "force quit" but it didn't do anything.  So... I tried all the advice for rebooting it.  And now it is stuck on the loading page, even without a battery or being plugged into the wall.  Any ideas??? 

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Re: Home Unavailable

First, without the battery or electrical power it can't do anything - it can't even change what is on the  screen (the eInk screen is more like paper than you would expect, it holds it's image when there's no power. You need electricity to erase what is currently on the screen). So if you want it to reboot you need to plug it in and put the battery back in.


Then try holding down the power button on top of the nook for a  full twenty seconds (count your mississippis or hippopotami). The nook should shut down, indicated by a 100% white screen. Then turn it back on.


If that doesn't work there are some more methods to reset your nook, but I've never had to use them so I'm sure someone else here can tell you how to do that. It's also probably in the nook user guide.

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Re: Home Unavailable

ok I have to same problem and i try what to do what people have said to do. but stil it goes to the loading page  and it will still like that. So whats are the other way to rebot your Nook.

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Re: Home Unavailable

Kathryn_jaycee, you can find additional instructions at the nook support page - click "troubleshooting" then click "My nook is not responding, what should I do?" That describes the process for removing the battery to force a reset. It's intended for frozen nooks, but it may be worth  a try.


Also look in the manual (link is a PDF file) at the section (approximately page 150) about performing a "factory reset". 


Beyond that, there are some procedures that customer service will have you do if you call them, and some people have posted those to this forum. You may need to search to find them, but the thread about the nook freezing is a  a good place to look. 

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Re: Home Unavailable

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Some how it sounds like your nook has gotten so screwed up it can't recover. 


If you are POSITIVE you have charged the battery, try the method described in post 5 and 7 of 

this thread:


This is called a manual reset, and loads a backup copy of the Operating system.  You should not lose any data.


And you HLPaul have to understand that it can't operate with no battery and NO plug power.

Even if it can show an image, it can't do anything. 

So plug it into the wall and WAIT till it reboots.

THEN (and only then) put in the battery.





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