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Lend Me Problems...Incorrect Contact Email

Hi; I entered a new contact to send a book to and I entered the wrong email address - I fat fingered it.  So, my lend me offer is now sitting out in cyberspace - since I cannot cancel the lend me from my end.  Why is that?  I should be able to withdraw my lend me offer or cancel it.  Now I don't have access to this book until the 14 days is up?  Also, why the 14-day limit on lending?  I own the book - it's no different than me lending a hard copy to someone allowing them to keep it however long they need.  Perhaps limiting a single book to a contact is more acceptable than giving them a 14 day window to finish a book.


Any help with the email sitting in cyberspace and how to cancel the lend me is appreciated.



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Re: Lend Me Problems...Incorrect Contact Email

you will have to contact the CS at 1-800-THE-BOOK to cancel the lend


as for the 14 day window, that is not B&N's call, the limit was imposed by the publishers, as is what books are on the lendme program

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Re: Lend Me Problems...Incorrect Contact Email

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Here it is over 2 years later and I have spent the last hour and a half searching through the vast and user unfriendly FAQ database on, to find this answer; only to have to resort a Google search (thanks a million Google) to find out that this answer is still the same. Oh, how far we've come. I guess I will have to wait until 800-THE-BOOK is open tomorrow.  

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