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Multiple Nooks with one account

I am trying to decide if I want to purchase a Nook or not.  If you purchase multiple Nooks, such as myself and my husband, can we link them to the same account and share all the same books?  I've seen the lend feature but it has a limit of 14 days and that will be a hassle since we share all of the things we purchase (one household and all).


Does anyone know if this it is possible to link both of our Nooks to the same online account? Thanks!

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Re: Multiple Nooks with one account

Yes, however if you both read the same books at the same time you might not want to (or at least do it with airplane mode on) as the nook is supposed to sync last page read between devices.


If you choose not to use the same account for your nooks there are other ways of sharing content.


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Re: Multiple Nooks with one account

You could share B&N accounts, but I don't recommend it. You'll keep tripping each other up as your NOOKs synchronize which books are loaded and what page they're on.


See my signature for information on how to share e-books within a family.

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Re: Multiple Nooks with one account

I share my account with another nook and I love it!  It's so easy, and let's face it, the only person that knows how to sideload is me sooooo this saves me a lot of extra effort!  :smileywink:

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