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NOOK unresponsive...?

I usually leave my nook on because it takes forever to turn on. The other day, I went to read a book on it, and it said (and I quote) "Your NOOK has turned off to conserve power. Press button on top to power it up." well, needless to say, I pressed the button... Pulled the battery... Plugged it in... And nothing elicited a response. HELP?!?!?!!?

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Re: NOOK unresponsive...?

Put it back together, plug it into the wall charger, and walk away for at least half an hour.


When you come back the yellow charging light should be visible, allow it to finish charging (aprox. 3 hours).


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Re: NOOK unresponsive...?

This happened to me too.  I did what Larry said above - actually I just plugged it in and left it overnight.  Once it was fully charged it behaved kind of sluggish and wonky so I rebooted it and it worked fine after that.

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