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Need Help with WSJ Subscription

I am a new Nook User - and having a grand time! I have a question - hoping this community can help.  I have a Wall Street Journal subscription separate from my Nook purchase.  I was hoping that I could start viewing the WSJ on the Nook - but it seems the only way to do that is to purchase it - what am I missing?   I was hoping I could enter my subscription info and read it on the Nook - help!

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Re: Need Help with WSJ Subscription

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You will have to purchase a separate subscription from the WSJ through the B&N store.


This is for two reasons,


1. Barnes and Nobles earns a percentage of the subscription fee for distributing it on their Nook.

2. The tablet version of the WSJ is an app, and B&N does not allow the Nook to accept third party apps.

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Re: Need Help with WSJ Subscription

You responded to a three year old post. I doubt the original poster is still hanging around waiting for an answer.


ALSO, if the Journal is distributed as an app and not ePub, it won't be available on a First Edition Nook from any source.

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