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New User - Touchpad Question

Hi all,

I'm a new Nook user so I'll apologize in advance in case you've seen this questions a million times before.

I've noticed that the touchscreen on my Nook has little pauses, freezes, and skips so that oftentimes when I think I've selected something, something else pops up because the screen doesn't seem to keep up.  This happens all the time, even when I know I'm moving through the touch screen slowly.l

If I want to skim through book covers, it takes a long time for the covers to appear, and then scrolling through them causes the same skips, little freezes, etc., etc.

What am I doing wrong?

Many thanks!


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Re: New User - Touchpad Question



Welcome!  :smileyhappy:


You probably aren't doing a thing wrong.  The Nook touchscreen is not particularly responsive, and it takes a little time and practice to get it's "rhythm" right.  Especially if you're used to a smartphone, people here report that you'll find the Nook screen sluggish.


If you don't find it improving, or if it really is an annoyance, definitely give Customer Service (Option 2, Digital Support) a call and discuss it with them.  But it sounds to me like you're doing fine. :smileywink:

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Re: New User - Touchpad Question

E ink is slower than the touch pad, so the nook has to wait for the e-ink to catch up.


Also, bear in mind this is a pretty slow processor in the nook, (it doesn't have to be fast, its designed to save battery), and some operations take a while.


With reading, you never notice this, but its easy to get ahead of the processor, and get your taps "stacked up" unless you let if finish one task at a time.


If your is substantially slower than what is shown in videos you might have a problem.  But I suspect you were expecting Smartphone performance from a device designed around a different set of criteria.

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Re: New User - Touchpad Question

The pauses for book covers are just the nook taking time to download the covers from How fast this is would depend on what kind of connection you have to the 'net. Is it wifi or 3g? If it is 3g, which of the various flavors is it and how fast is that?

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Re: New User - Touchpad Question

Nook covers are stored locally.  

Otherwise, you couldn't use it in airplane mode.

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