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Newspaper won't open

I purchased and downloaded a newspaper to my nook. I had been reading it for a half hour of so and then suddenly the newspaper closed and I was back at my b&n library.   Now, I can't reopen my newspaper.  When I try to open it, it says opening your newspaper but then goes back the the library menu.  I tried turning my nook off and on again but still can't open the newspaper.  Has anyone else had this happen, or know how to get the newspaper to open again??   I'd really like to read my Sunday paper!

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Re: Newspaper won't open


Was your issue resolved?  Which newspaper were you having issues with....?

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Re: Newspaper won't open

I've had many issues with my newspaper,including one similar to yours. The only solution, and its very temporary, I've been given by customer service is to unregister then re-register my nook. It works most of the time,but it's quite cumbersome to do that over and over again. I urge you to call customer service to let your problem be known. Hopefully they will listen eventually and get this fixed.

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