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Newspapers won't go away

I purchased a Star Tribune subscription when I first got my Nook a couple of weeks ago. I cancelled the subscription before the 14 day trial was up. Now all of a sudden all the the newspapers I received have shown up in My Library.


I thought I could go onto my BN account and archive them , but when I log in they are not in my e book list. When I have my Nook check for new content they do not go away.


Finally today I plugged my Nook into my computer and physically deleted them from the folder on my Nook. They are still listed in My Library. Except now they no longer have content in them when you select them to read.


Does anyone know how I can get them off out of My library aside form changing the view? It is really annoying.

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Re: Newspapers won't go away

I am having the same problem and have done the same things as Kris56.  Any ideas out there?

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Re: Newspapers won't go away

I am experiencing the exact same issue.  I can't make the Stib go away.  Has anyone had luck deleting a newspaper once you no longer subscribe?  Thanks!

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Re: Newspapers won't go away

After physically removing them, have you tried rebooting the nook?


Also. some Operating systems simply move things to a Trash Folder / Recycle bin on the device when you delete them.  But the nook does not know about such things and insists on scanning that folder for content as well.


So set your computer to show hidden files and folders, and delete and Trash or Recycler that was on the nook or its MicrosSD expansion card.  There is nothing of that name normally on the nook, so if you see it, its safe to delete it.

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Re: Newspapers won't go away

Yup. As a Mac user I know that you need to empty the trash on them jump drives. :3

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