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Nook Battery Out of Stock???

I've been waiting for 2 month for the nook replacement battery to be arrive and I still haven't recieved it yet?  First they asked me to wait.. then said it was out of stock and now they said it wasn't processed correctly?? Tech support is nice and curtious but everytime I call they don't seem to know what is going on and just keeps on delaying me.....


Is this because the classic NOOK is being discontinued and they don't have parts anymore??



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Re: Nook Battery Out of Stock???

Hi Chibs,

Unfortuantely, we don't know.  We are all B&N customers, like you.  It does not appear that any B&N employees are active on the boards now. 


So, we can't tell you. 

Have you googled to see if you can get a replacement battery elsewhere?  Last week someone mentioned that Best Buy has them...on sale....

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Re: Nook Battery Out of Stock???

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Welcome!  :smileyhappy:


B&N may be out of stock because they apparently sold everything they had over Christmas.  The problem with a China-based supply chain is that all your products spend ~45 days on the ocean, so if you run out, you're out for a while.


BestBuy has Nook replacement batteries on sale for $9.95 -- I picked one up last week.  Can't beat that price -- list is $29.95!

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