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Nook Color ereader & intermittent connectivity problems with WRT610N Linksys Router

Hi All,
I just recently purchased a Nook Color for my wife for her b-day. She loves it thusfar but I am running into connection problems when connecting to my home network. As a network technician professional myself, and searching high and low for new ideas to try through B&N, Cisco (the router manufacturer), Android forums and so forth, I am more than puzzled as to why there is a problem and beginning to wonder if the issue is in the Nook itself. Here is the story and background. Any help is greatly appreciated. I was hoping to purchase another Nook Color actually for myself : ). Thank you !
Issue: Unable to stay connected to home network - Connection is intermittent and/or drops at very close range - At times shows obtaining IP address for a long time
Description/Background Information:
Nook Color ereader & intermittent connectivity problems with WRT610N Linksys Router
Router: Dual Band Linksys WRT610N router - Operating Nook COlor on the 2.4 Ghz band.
Problem: The issue seems to be intermittent connection problems where the new Nook appears to see the wireless network , authenicates, tries to obtain an IP address then either connects for a brief period or drops the signal very quickly despite being right on top of the router with the device showing an excellent signal strength.
Router/Network Settings: Per recommendations from various Nook forums, I have had the best luck with the following settings...
2.4 Ghz Band Settings
SSID : NookNetwork
Channel Width: 20 GHZ
Standard Channel: 9
SSID Broadcast: Enabled
Security Mode: WPA2 Personal
Encryption: AES
Passphrase: As set with a short 9 digit password key
Key Renewal: 3600
UPNP: Disabled
RTS: Default setting
Defragmentation: Default setting
Beacon: Default setting
Variations of Router Settings I have tried: The problem however still lies in an intermittent connection to the wireless network. I have also tried various channel settings at both channel 1,6 and 11 with my best luck cponnecting on channel 9. I have also played with the security and disabled it all together and have connected but still difficult to connect at times or the connection drops (do not want to however run the network unsecured). Have also tried a beacon setting of 50 and/or 75, a fragmentation setting of 2304 and/or 2306 and a RTS setting of 2304 and/or 2307 as recommended and located through hours upon hours of online research time and forums including those of B&N. Note: Also, all modifications to settings either at the router or Nook have been set fresh or restarted to ensure a clean trial. And my laptops all run and connect fine. And again, I remind you that I am a IT network technician and am very willing to try any suggestions before taking the unit back - which I do not want to do.
Software Updates: I am running the latest updated software as well on the nook color, since it is brand new. I am also running the latest firmware update on my router.
 I am seriously at wits end and have searched high and low for suggestions and still have not reached a consistent connection. I am turning to this forum to help in this matter. I have seen others who have the same router claiming it has worked and have tried their setting still with no luck. Please help....thanks ! And my wife thanks you in advance ! Smiles !
SideNotes: I am questioning if unit is defective since I also notice my neighbors network being seen but falls out and then comes back. Possibly a bad internal networking card??? However, when I connect at my library's hot spot, the connection remains solid and uninterrupted.
Update: I have also sent an email to B&N Customer Service - Digital Support
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Re: Nook Color ereader & intermittent connectivity problems with WRT610N Linksys Router

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Re: Nook Color ereader & intermittent connectivity problems with WRT610N Linksys Router

Hi GeerTM,


Thank you for the help and direction. Truly appreciated ! : )


I have retried those settings as "used and proven" by that Community Users using a WRT610N Linksys router and they did not prove successful however for myself unfortunately. Not certain if that community member left out some of the details of his router configuration or not. Seems like he may have. : (


Update: I do not understand why the Nook Color continues to test and refresh the network connection. It appears that during that time the signal is dropping bring about the need to reobtain an IP address. I will make mentioned also that the signal strength is also showing EXCELLENT to GOOD while I am performing my tests. Most of the time I even have the Nook sitting right here by me at my desk, right next to my router also. So the question seems to be why is the Nook connecting intermittently and refreshing the connection and/or is there anything that can be set to prevent that refresh or the testing??? Not 100 percent certain if that is the issue though.


Again, though, I am willing to try any and all a networking guy, I have a never ending drive and determination....smiles !



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Re: Nook Color ereader & intermittent connectivity problems with WRT610N Linksys Router

Update: With my nook color sitting right on top nearly of the router I keep seeing the network flucuate under the Nook's Wireless Networks Screen described as either...


1.) NookNetwork - Disabled, secured with WPA/WPA2 PSK, or,


2.) NookNetwork - Not in range, secured with WPA/WPA2 PSK


3.) NookNetwork - Remembered, secured with WPA/WPA2 PSK


Yet at times it may reconnect after turning off the Wireless connection and then turning it back on. But when it does connect, I find that it will often be obtaining an IP Address and then quickly at times disconnect. Again, all while sitting right on top of the router where it is receiving Excellent signal strength.


Very strange...again, is the Nook's wireless radio card possibly defective?



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Re: Nook Color ereader & intermittent connectivity problems with WRT610N Linksys Router

geertm wrote:

See reply 5 of this thread:


MEtten - When geertm replied to you with that link you were discretely being directed to the proper forum for help with the NookColor. :smileyhappy:  
This particular forum is for help with other Nook readers.  Most of the members here don't have a NookColor and won't be able to give you answers while at the NookColor discussion board they all have NCs and many folks will understand your problem and may be able to help.
Good luck. 


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