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Nook Router Connection

I just got my Nook yesterday, and I can't figure out how to get connection at home with my wireless router.  What should I do.  The B&N Salesman said he couldn't help not being able to see my router.  Thanks!

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Re: Nook Router Connection

The short answer is that you probably should talk to whoever it was that installed your Wi-Fi router.


The longer answer will require that you give us a bunch of information:


  • What brand and model is your router?
  • Is it set to broadcast SSID?
  • Has the SSID been changed from the default?
  • What security mode is it using: none, WEP shared-key, WEP open-key, WPA, WPA-AES, WPA2, etc.?
  • Is there anything unusual about your router set-up?
  • What are the specific steps that you are taking to try to connect?
  • What exactly are the results that you're getting when you try to connect?


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Re: Nook Router Connection

I just spent an hour on hold waiting for someone from Tech Support to tell me "We are not able to assist you with configuring your router".  They were going to leave it at that, but I pushed the issue requesting where I could direct my router company so they could help me make the changes.  So here is what your or your router companies tech support need to make sure


1) Change your security to WPA-Personal

2) DHCP = Enabled

3) SSL = Enabled

4) Block anonymous requests = off

5) Pass share = open


So with this information that NookColor Tech Support gave me, I was able to log into my router settings and the only thing I had to change was my security from WEP to WPA-Personal and all of a sudden I could connect to the internet, shop, etc, etc.  I hope that this helps others.

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