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Re: SD card: observations and new questions


Bamrz wrote:

Icebike did a great job of answering your questions, but I wanted to clear up one little item. You absolutely do need folders for screensavers.


Simply create a folder called "Screensavers" on your SD card. Inside this folder, create sub-folders for each set of screensavers. Ex: I have separate sets called "Friends", "Family", "Johnny Depp", etc. Give the sets a descriptive enough name to know what they are when you choose them from your nook.



Can you actually use the screensavers or wallpapers on a microSD card?  I thought the user manual said only audio files and ebooks can go there, that image files must go in the proper folders in the main memory.  Just curious if the Nook finds them anyway, and I'm too lazy right now to actually move some wallpapers or screensavers over to test this myself. :smileytongue:


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Re: Nook Support for MicroSD is awful!

I've been having this issue as well and I just figured it out.


I downloaded a free-ware program call Partition Wizard.  I used this program to be able to see and re-format my SD because I also had the issue with it only recognizing 190 MB on it.  The program fixed that and re-formatted the SD card just fine.  However, my Nook Color was still not recognizing the SD card.  It knew that an SD card was inserted, but it wasn't recogizing it as being usable.  I went round and round, and searched and searched for fixes.


For me, the fix was to go back into Partition Wizard and set the newly formatted / allocated space as the "Primary Partition."  For some reason it was just setting it as "Logical" by default.  As soon as I changed it to Primary Partition my Nook Color recognized it without any problem.  It is a 16GB Lexar MicroSD card.


This might be an obvious answer some people, but it stumped me for a good couple hours.  Hopefully this will work for other people and save you some time.

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