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Nook unable to open loaned book

Last night I received a loan of a book from a friend. No problem with it at all. Today I get another loan from her and the Nook tells me "Cannot open book - unsupported file type" I don't understand what is happening.
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Re: Nook unable to open loaned book

This is going to sound silly, but the file type is probably fine, it is just the title that is wonky with your Nook. I'm assuming that when you say "Loaned" you do not mean the "lendme" technology that comes with your Nook, I am guessing that you have downloaded the ebook to a computer, drag and dropped it onto your Nook and are attempting to read it henceforth.


The first edition Nooks are sometimes very particular about the way that the title of the ebook is set up. An underscore, or strange character within the title messes with the recognition software built into your device. Changing the extension  and simplifying the title seems to override the problem. Even though you are not changing the actual type of file, doing this will help your Nook be able to recognize the file.


Here's what you do:

      On your computer, change the title of the file to whatever the title of the ebook is and add a .epub to the end of it if there isn't one there now.

      Re-load the ebook to the my documents folder on your nook

      On Nook, open "my documents" and attempt to open the ebook. If you have not borrowed anything from this person before, the ebook will prompt you to enter the name and credit card number from the original owner. If this is the same person you borrowed the last text from, it probably won't as you to unlock it.

     Happy reading!



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Re: Nook unable to open loaned book

I was having the very same problem with a book from my friend. We had tried and tried to (I guess the word is SIDELOAD) books from eachothers nooks and only two out of five worked right. I tried this and it did it. Thanks colleenbland!

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Re: Nook unable to open loaned book

Worked for me too! Thanks ColleenBland for your clear and concise instructions!:heart:

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