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Question Mark on Battery.

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I just received my Nook (Giles) the first week of Feb. and yesterday as I woke it up from sleep mode I noticed that there was a question mark on the battery. It did finally go away, but I had this happen once when I plugged it in to the charger.

Does anyone have any thoughts as to what could cause this or is it a problem that can only be fixed by replacing the Nook?

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Re: Question Mark on Battery.

I'm not 100% sure but I think that the question mark means that the nook has a problem with the battery. Such as not recognizing it as a battery. That's as much as I know and I realize it isn't much. Maybe someone more knowledgeable will chime in and splain it to both of us.


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Re: Question Mark on Battery.

I think it just does not yet know the battery state.


The charge measuring circuit (usually a separate power management chip) periodically, or upon demand, tests the battery charge state.  (This by the way, actually depletes the battery a little bit).  It hold the last measurement in its chipset until the Operating system gets around to reading it.


The Battery daemon (bit of software) running in the OS periodically reads the chip to get the battery state, and posts it in memory someplace for any other part of the system that wants to know: The top of the screen, the settings page, etc.  That way you don't have to test battery state with each page turn. 


If the battery daemon craps out, the value in memory never gets updated.  The system reports that it simply does not know the state.


I've had the daemon crash on my iPhone, and the stupid phone shows full battery for a day and a half, then shuts down when the battery finally fails.


If you see the battery question mark for a long time, I would reboot the nook.  Probably the battery daemon died.

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Re: Question Mark on Battery.

The only time that I have seen the question mark on the battery is immediately after coming out of sleep or after booting. I assume that it is displayed because the nook has not fully discovered all of the state of battery. On my nook the question mark goes away in a matter of seconds.



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Re: Question Mark on Battery.

My nook works fine (the good one).  My husband's nook has the question mark on the battery.  The nook was frozen so I've reset and recharged to no avail.  Tech support gave me the same instructions to reset & recharge.  No longer frozen but his nook still has the question mark.and connectivity issue with this nook.  I'm ready to send this evil nook back to B&N for a replacement.  Does anyone have any other suggestions?

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Re: Question Mark on Battery.

Nook will show ? on the battery if you have the battery removed (and the Nook is running off wall power).  Your battery may be making inconsistent contact with the device in which case, I recommend the battery shim technique that you can find by searching around this forum.

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replace battery

can you replace battery on nook


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Re: replace battery


I have attached a video link on how to replace your battery...(see below):



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Re: Question Mark on Battery.

Here is what you do:


1. Remove battery


2. Press and hold power button for 60 seconds.


3. Wait 30 minutes then re-inseret battery


4. Plug in device to wall charger for a minimum of 3 hours without unplugging it or using it.


Everything should be fine with it as you just did a hard battery reset.

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