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Read In Store - Flakey WiFi Connection?

I'm experiencing flakey WiFi connectivity when I use the Read In Store feature at the store. Usually this starts to happen after I've been reading for a few minutes.


My Nook shows that the WiFi is connected with the B&N logo, but it hangs on the "Loading page" or "Opening Book" until I finally have to press "Cancel".


Sometimes manually disconnecting and reconnecting the WiFi will help and sometimes it doesn't.


Is this a problem with the store's WiFi? My Nook? The Shop/Read In Store feature? Has anyone else had problems with this?


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!



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Re: Read In Store - Flakey WiFi Connection?



Welcome!  :smileyhappy:


The best thing you can possibly do is to seek out the store's "Nook expert" while you're there in the store and track the problem down with him/her right there.  Anything we could suggest here would just be guessing, and much less helpful.


Good luck!

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Re: Read In Store - Flakey WiFi Connection?

I agree. I had problem while I was at my local B&N store with the Read In Store feature. I tried whatever I could think of to get it to work then one of the store workers walked by and I asked her. She tried the different things I had already tried. She thought I should unregister it, but I didn't think that was necessary. Then she said just a minute I will go check the stores Wi-Fi. She can back and said they had to reset the stores Wi-Fi and my Nook immediately worked fine. So it can be various problems just to find what it is. But since that day I haven't had a problem other than it can be slow at times.  Love the "Read In Store" option.

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