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Re: Replacement Nook Color USB Cable - Help I only have 33% power left

So look, I work at a retail B&N, and generally at the Nook station.  You didn't hear it from me, but you should go to your B&N -now- and get a cable.  Buy a individual cable if they still have them.  Buy the car adaptor if that's all they have.  Buy the wall adaptor if that's all they have.


I don't know how long the stock of these cables will last.  I have good reason to believe stores, especially smaller stores, will not be restocked on NC/NT accessories.  We don't carry N1E accessories, and haven't for quite some time. 


If you see your cable is showing any signs of damage and you're under the one year warranty, or under the two year protection plan call up now and ask for a replacement cable. 


Now, once they are totally out of stock I do not know if they plan on restocking.  I tend to doubt it though, look at N1E batteries.  I'm not sure if it's a wise idea to use other USB cables, it shouldn't matter but I have had customers come in with burnt out NC/NT units and they claimed the only thing they did was charge with a different cable -not- adaptor.  I have only their word for that. 


I do know that using a different adaptor can burn your nook out.  I suspect that the cables are not to blame in the above customers issues, but I want to be perfectly up front with you all as customers.  So you now have the information I have, coupled with my suspicions which are based on being one of the staff to help at the Nook desk since the N1E was introduced. 

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Re: Replacement Nook Color USB Cable - Where can I get one

Our cable finally gave out and we can't seem to find one anywhere.  Any possibility BN will eventually have them again, or must we replace our Nook Color?

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