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SD Card Issues

I've owned a nook for well over a year and for about that whole year I've been using the same SD card to load and read epub books.

Recently the books I have stored on the SD Card have not shown up in the My Documents section in My Library after powering up.

The SD Card is identified in the Settings Summary on the nook correctly and when plugged into a USB port I can see the files on my computer. I can open document on that drive on my computer as well. Just can't see them listed or read them on the nook.


When I load a file on the nook hard drive in the my documents folder I can read the book on the nook.


I've exhausted everything I've read on the B&N site and forums, i.e. checking SD card is set in slot correctly, rebooting, removing battery and reinstalling, plugging into USB port without battery, and nothing has fixed this problem.

I don't have time to sit on the phone with a customer service rep - can someone please advise me?

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Re: SD Card Issues

The usual reason is a "bad" file on the card. NOOK displays the contents of the card by author and title, not by filename. If any file has an unreadable author or title field, NOOK tends to throw a snit and decide not to show any of the e-books on the card.


Try removing the most recent additions and see if NOOK starts finding the other files. If so, add the newer ones back in a few at a time until you can narrow down which is the problem file.


Also, at least back in 1.2, it was claimed that NOOK couldn't handle more than 1200 entries in a folder. So if you've got a lot of e-books on there, try placing them into sub-folders. NOOK will ignore the subfolders when it goes to display the e-books, but at least it seems to bypass the size limitation.


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Re: SD Card Issues



Following through on Doug's suggestion is the best way I know to get your Nook to play nicely with your microSD card.


After you've identified the problem file, if it's a book you want on your Nook, try putting it in My Documents on your Nook's main storage and see whether it works there.


I keep all my non-B&N books on my microSD card, usually with no trouble.  But there are three books -- the Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman -- that for reasons I've never been able to figure out, change to word salad on my Nook when they're on the card.  In Main Storage, they open with no problem.  And they show up in the right place in My Documents on the Nook as if they were in the same place as all the others.

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Re: SD Card Issues

Doug -


Can't thank you enough. You nailed it.


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