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SIM card for Nook first edition 3G

I recently bought a used Nook first edition 3G after my first nook broke.  Unfortunately it did not come with the sim card.  How do I get one that will work?

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Re: SIM card for Nook first edition 3G

According to the manual, the B&N sim cards are tied to the serial number of Nook, so that they are supposedly useless in another device.  Whoever sold you the Nook not only cheated you and kept the sim card, but to no avail;  it won't do them any good.  Are you sure it's the SIM card that's missing?  There's also a similar-looking microSD card slot in the back.  The SIM card is under the battery.


As for your Nook, it should still be able to use WiFi.


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