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Screen not working??

Something is wrong with my Nook. When I press the power button the touch screen at the bottom comes on but the reader screen does not? It has tried to come on a few times where I can see a faint image but won't come on completely. However the touch screen seems to be working fine? It is fully charged as well.


Any suggestions?

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Re: Screen not working??


Try this...


1)      Remove NOOK back plate to expose battery.  To do this, find the tab on the bottom of your NOOK, near the Micro-USB slot. Gently pull away the back-plate from your NOOK until the back plate is fully removed.  A click will be heard indicating the back plate has been properly separated from the device.


2)      Upon proper removal of back plate, the battery will be exposed. The following step will have you remove the screw which holds the battery in place. Using the specified screwdriver, loosen the battery securing screw which holds the battery in place (Counter-clockwise to loosen). Continue loosening until screw can be completely removed.


Caution: The battery securing screw is very small and can be easily lost, proper lighting and a flat clean surface is recommended.


3)      Remove the battery from the NOOK for 15-30 minutes.


4)      Once the battery is removed, hold the power button down for 45-60 seconds.  This ensures the NOOK will receive a final shutdown command and discharges all residual power.


5)      After 15-30 minutes has elapsed re-insert battery into NOOK and re-install battery securing screw.


6)      At this point you should fully charge your NOOK using your NOOK USB and charger with any standard AC wall outlet.  Charging can take up to 4 hours so be patient. At some point in the charging process the charging LED should illuminate and your E-Ink display may cycle on and off.


Upon successful completion of this procedure your NOOK should be returned to a normal working status. If a “?” is displayed in the battery icon, it is recommended you insert a different NOOK battery momentarily then re-insert the original battery to clear the “?.”

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Re: Screen not working??

Thanks, I will try this.

Inspired Wordsmith
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Re: Screen not working??

If the touch screen comes on and is functional, you can go to settings and check your battery state.  Charge it if needed.


But basically if you have an operational touch screen but no e-ink display you don't have a battery issue.  Its far more likely you just have a defective e-ink display.  The upper display takes way less power than the lower one, so if you have enough battery power for the lower one the upper display must be defective.


Since this was your first post, I suspect you just got the device.  You can probably take it back to the store and show them, and probably get a replacement on the spot.  But the official channel for replacements is via calling Customer Support.

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