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Transfer books between Nooks

How do I transfer (NOT LOAN) books from My wifes Nook to Mine?  Hers was bought first and we both used theh nook.  Now I want to move my books to my Nook.  I do not want any record of the books on her Nook.  I have tried to just move the files but My Nook will not let me open the files I purchased on B&N under her account on My Nook.


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Re: Transfer books between Nooks

Place the files in the my documents folder on your nook.


Select check for new content in the "my documents" section of your nook library.


When you attempt to open the book on your nook you should be prompted for the account holders name and credit card number of the credit card that was the default card on the account at the time the books were downloaded.


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